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  1. Murray motors (now arnold clark I believe) in shields rd Glasgow will be able to help :-)
  2. I would go to a dealer and get them to operate fan(s) and EGR using diag equipment, at least that rules out the fans/circuit of they work, they can hire the older equipment. If they say they cant or give some excuse then go elsewhere because they clearly cant be bothered.
  3. one set of wires is for the sensor heater so that will be a plus and neg, the plus will only be on when required normally at start up when cold. The other wire is 5v supply to sensor and remaining wire is signal to the ECU
  4. Most autofactors will stock or be able to get them next day and much cheaper than Chrysler prices. Nothing hard about fitting them if you have done discs/pads before. Have you asked your dealer for price using non genuine parts?
  5. T14086

    Fault Code P0122

    Did you find the fault?
  6. http://sussextowingbrackets.com/towbars/3254031 Haggle on the price
  7. I would read the fault codes and find out the location/circuit of the fault before guessing here and there.
  8. Whats wrong with the box, might be cheaper and faster to stick a second hand unit in, http://www.chryslerbreakers.co.uk/
  9. Many voyagers require a new fuel filter housing and sensor/wiring, was part of a service news.
  10. Did you change the thermostat and did this cure the problem?
  11. This information will be available from any good Chrysler dealership.
  12. Chrysler says? do you mean a Chrysler dealership. Unfortunately you could be at the mercy of the dreaded dealership however they should be seeking advice from Chrysler themselves. if not go to nearest decent auto electrician.
  13. Oil pressure sensor switch £500? When did the light come back on (after how many miles), what were engine fault code, need more information for us to help.
  14. Fitted them to Jeep Wranglers but not Voyagers, what problems are you having?
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