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  2. Hi ther hope everyone is well. my mums chrysler pt cruiser was her fathers and she cherishes it very much. The car has a leak and water is gathering in the front passenger footwell but I can’t find where it’s coming from? Does anyone know of a supplier and fitter of windscreens please? kind regard sam
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  4. Few things there. What engine & transmission do you have? Jerky take up of drive could be worn engine or gearbox mounts causing those items to move excessively and transmit the movement through the car. Or could be a worn clutch or flywheel. Can you rock the engine back & forth by hand? How many miles has it done, do you know if it's ever had a clutch? Car should slow down when you take your foot off the throttle due to engine braking, be pretty dangerous if it didn't so not sure what to say about that. Stop & start failure is very likely battery voltage related so you might have a weak battery, in which case you could try disconnecting it & giving it a proper charge overnight, or maybe the alternator isn't fully charging it so either way be worth checking the battery. With the car off it should be 12-13V, with the engine running around 14V. These cars are of course Lancias made by Fiat, nothing to do with Chrysler, so if you have a look on the Fiat forum there's quite a bit about S&S failure messages.
  5. One pair for rear brake discuss still in the original packaging but never used. £60 for the pair and can post at cost.
  6. Hi, please when I want to move off with gear 1 my car seems to be slow and jerking before moving off and while I'm driving it also slows down whenever I remove my foot from gas. On the dashboard it also shows start and stop not available. Please what can I do to solve the problem. Thanks.
  7. What do you mean by activating overhead door buttons? The ones on roof inside car?
  8. I have the same issue and can’t work out how to fix it! Turned alarm off as keeps going off when boot opens. I live in Bristol so not good to have alarm off. Manually locking it but no way to manually lock the boot so it’s always open. Garage were useless. I changed battery as they said it was that but issue still happening. Literally stressing me out so much!!!
  9. Anyone else had this problem?? My boot keeps opening by itself and local garages have been useless. I’ve bought new battery as advised and still boot opens by itself. Can’t put alarm on as boot keeps opening and setting it off. Anyone else had this problem and can suggest a fix? Thanks
  10. Hi Everyone I’m new to the forum and would be very grateful for any help or advice. After replacing the 12v battery in my wife’s 2014 Ypsilon 0.9 twin air automatic the car seemed fine but shortly afterwards the wipers stopped working. Having looked in the handbook I can’t find any reference to a fuse or relay for wiper motor? Regards Max
  11. Deltamike

    Sun visor

    Fairly common with Fiats sadly, once they’re gone they’re finished imho, you can’t really replace anything inside them. There’s a car being broken on eBay, have you tried that already? Hooky chinese copies on eBay for £28, cheap but wouldn’t like to say how long they’d last… https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124976205276?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=V8D8OZ_8Rwa&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=4Kpoeel1TUm&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY I bought a Lancia from one abroad for my LHS; I don’t have the backside-covering warning about child seats & airbags as it’s obviously a driver’s side in a Euro car (so copies my RHS one) but it was cheap enough.
  12. Well, it's 8 years on, but the above still stands! Good luck with it!
  13. alfaspud

    Sun visor

    My driver's side sun visor is hanging down - won't stay in either position - either against headlining or towards windscreen. Have to swing it to side as it is just flapping in front of my eyes. No resistance to hinge mechanism at all. Anyone ever experience this and any advice on a fix? Had a quick look but I'm stumped Have looked at replacements but they're either mad money or in rag order or both
  14. Thanks Mike. Will give it a go if the rain ever stops here
  15. Still no oil soaked EGR, firewall, engine cover etc since sealing the turbo outlet pipe, but a little turbo flutter occasionally when letting off the accelerator....seems normal for a turbo diesel
  16. Whining from the transmission could be a few different things, worn bearings or gears in the gearbox or differential could cause it. Any decent garage should be able to check the gearbox oil level & top up if necessary. However if it’s making noise then there is the chance it’s too late by now & a replacement gearbox might well be required at some point. As the car is actually a Lancia made by Fiat (nothing to do with Chrysler) a second hand ‘box from a Punto, Panda or 500 - depending on your engine - should be relatively easy to find.
  17. Yes had mine off. Some screws behind little pop-off covers, I recall 1 behind the pull handle & a couple in the door pull pocket. Might be a couple along the base too. Pop the mirror & window switch out then lever the trim off round the edge with a prying tool. It’ll unhook by lifting up, mine was a rear one so the bit of trim up the window above it needed to be removed too. You should find the release lever cable is (or should be) attached with a clip, along with wiring to the small lamp above the release lever.
  18. Anyone actually removed the door card? My internal handle has stopped opening the door so I have lower the window to open from the outside which is a pain in the arse. Presuming the linkage has come off between handle and lock. Any advice about taking the card off greatly appreciated
  19. Hello everyone, I’m new to the site so I will keep it short and sweet. My mums pt cruiser has a leak water is collecting in the front passenger footwell nearest the passenger window and I can’t find where it’s coming from. Does anyone have any theories for me? Many thanks Sam
  20. Hello, i recently bought 2013 Chrysler Yplison myself love the little car. however there is a whining noise when in second gear and third gear i believe it means that there is a lack of lubrication within the gearbox and i am wondering if anyone knows of anyone in the uk that recommend or advise what the problem may be. Heather Scotland
  21. The car alarm sounds whenever the doors are locked. A professional garage has identified via the OBD2 that the alarm control unit battery is low. Could someone please advise me: Where is the alarm control unit located on the car so that I remove it? Can a new battery be put into the alarm control unit or does it require a replacement unit? If I buy a used alarm control unit, will the ECU (or whatever) recognise and communicate with the used part, or can I get it programmed/coded, or do I need to buy a new unit? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Guys i urgently need key remote fob must be 315mhz for 2009 chrysler voyager/ town and country ???
  23. Hello, How I can find the correct part number for my Grand Voyager 3.3 V6 from 2004. I’ve got a leak from ‘rear heater elbow connector’ My Chrysler is a UK version (RHS). This specific part is located almost under the rear wheel on right hand side. Any idea where I can buy new part? Thanks for information
  24. I know nothing of 1.6 diesels but from ePer is it not item 3, 55202374? Which does appear to be by the filter. https://eper.fiatforum.com/en/Drawings/Detail/L/L/DEL/TN/103/1/40/0/SubSubGroup
  25. On top of the dash, right in the centre on top of the central instrument panel is a semi-circular panel or cap that needs to be leavered off. It's just fastened in with plastic tabs and can be put back fine. Once to remove the it exposes the top of the whole dash cover Panel that stretches the top of the dash. At both ends similar plastic tabs used so slowly lever those up. Where the little cap you removed will show 5x torx screws, remove those and the central instrument panel is released. One single easy wire loom can then be released from the instrument panel.
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