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  1. Not bad at all!!! I did our track rod ends, twice, and like you paid more than a pound! Still didn't last. Nor did the front drop links, or anti roll bar bushes. And the new pair of complete struts on the front are getting noticeably tired again, the front end gently scrapes a couple of the speed bumps on the way to our house if you don't remember to crawl over them.
  2. I second Richards request to the moderators - please remove these very unwelcome posts!!
  3. I forgot to pass comment on your offside sliding door not unlocking. It is quite likely the lock actuator, easy enough to test if a bit time consuming, swap the actuator from the nearside door, you won't need to actually fit it into the door to prove the point, simply plug it into the connector and see if it works when on the offside door. If it does you need a new one! But if it will already lock and unlock with the other controls, get in the fusebox in the engine bay and pull out the IOD fuse for half an hour to reset the electronic brains.
  4. I wish I had the remotest idea on this!!! On ours that led goes out when it recognises the key transponder.
  5. If the fob won't work at all, if you can find an AUTO LOCKSMITH, they will be able to pair the fob and car. Even if they were never paired before. I had a second hand 5 button remote added to ours. The one to lock / unlock, and also control the boot and both sliding doors remotely. Oh ours is a 2006 Ltd XS, the earlier models I had only had 2 button remotes, so it'll depend what year yours is as to which remote it should have.
  6. On the car locking the doors while driving, it is settable on the overhead console. But if its just started doing it that's weird!! I set ours to do it for security years ago, locks at approx 20mph, if you unlock them it will re-lock when you set off again. Without looking I can't be sure, but I seem to remember that there's also a setting for "unlock one" or "unlock all" , and I guess you don't have access to an owners manual? I'll try to remember to have a look at ours when home later. But otherwise yes it's the black magic that is Chrysler Voyager electrics, even Harry Potter can't figure that out!!!!
  7. Well, it's a nuisance, but unless you have a nice friendly MOT station, the process would be similar to what we used to do with "free flowing" motorcycle exhausts. Put the legal one on for the MOT day, and run the other 364 days with the one you like. If you have somewhere undercover and lit it's not a problem, or if your test is in the spring or summer then the weather while you do the swap stands a chance of being nicer!!
  8. Hiya and welcome! Sadly, no, the check engine light isn't related to the service interval setting. You may have already found out is adjustable by you, at varying distances! For the technical problems, start a post in the vehicle assistance sections for more likely responses!
  9. Or a second hand gearbox from the likes of ebay? I believe the petrol actually uses the same box, 4TE. But you've still got labour costs on top of course.
  10. Blooming cracking! Amazing isn't it that supposedly clever stuff is confused by something so simple. And ours aren't latest technology, Lord help us when that gets a few years old hey!!
  11. As Richard says, do check for any wiring that could have had a nick or any damage at all, and that the battery terminals are clean and getting a good ground on the negative lead. I have had that symptom in the past with a low battery voltage, along with the dial sweep when you turn it on. Wonderful stuff is modern car electronics!!
  12. Hi Mike! On our previous 2002, and current 2005, our large Thule roof box, indeed with a flat but corrugated underside, goes on and clamps up no problem. And yes they are both the original Chrysler cross bars. Obviously can't vouch for other makes!
  13. How are the tyres? Wear and pressure? Our first GV drove with the steering wheel slighty off centre, and had a minor pull, but geometry was fine. It was worn tyres. They did not look that bad and were nowhere near the wesar limit. When we got it the wheels were scabby so wheels were on the shopping list, so when it got new wheels and tyres it was sweet thereafter!!
  14. Well, as it was 6 years ago I'm struggling to remember the trauma precisely, but I've a thought I may have chickened out and given up and got my friendly local garage man to do it!
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