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  1. Daz264, I just noticed I put right to left, its actually left to right as you view it from the front!!!!!!! Sorry I just noticed I said right to left, I meant left to right!!!
  2. Injectors on the 2.5 (and the 2.8) are under the big plastic cover over the engine, once removed, you will see the injectors and fuel rail and flexible return fuel line. I believe they are numbered from right to left, as you look at the engine from the front. Not my engine BTW!!!
  3. Thank you so much!!! Not a bother with the Dimensions, I was, in a previous life, an engineer and quite often had to knock up items from clients drawings, I can convert quite happily to metric, or use feet and inches. I am guessing that #1 and 2 (centre bottom) is the tubular, puller part? I did wonder about the two sizes of legs but thought there maybe a difference for the 2.5 and 2.8 (having never poked about at the 2.8 motor) Once again, thank you so much. Gives me a project for next week , hopefully, when the new injectors should be arriving!
  4. Hi, I was looking at the Miller VM 9075A tool, which seems to be the go to tool for pulling the diesel injectors. The price is laughable for a tool I may only use once and ordering it to Spain incurs a shedload of added VAT/IVA postage etc; and even more now, after Brexit. I do have an engineering background and some quite industrial tools around and also a friend with a workshop with some quite thick pieces of steel and aluminium loafing about. Can anyone with one of these tools give me the dimensions, (looking at it there seems to be two sets of legs for it) and My friend and I may give it a go and knock up our own version of it! we will post pictures of our handy work. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, I am having a b*gger of a time with trying to get my 2003 2.5 CRD through its ITV (Spanish MOT) it has done 194000 miles. when left to idle for a few minutes, then accelerator 'hoofed' there is a big cloud of white smoke, I mean, 'blank out the road' cloud of white smoke!! fast pull aways from traffic lights can be impressive!! everything else is OK. The engine is not losing water, so not a head gasket problem and I also think the fuel consumption is a bit wayward from what it was, so, I'm guessing that it is an injector problem. It has had an oil and filter change, had various injector cleaners through system, the 'stop smoke' additives etc but to no avail. I want to test the injectors, anyone know what the electrical resistance of the injectors are? and can anyone suggest other test methods without buying expensive test kit? I maybe able to borrow a IR temperature tester for the header pipes, to check if it is just one cylinder over hot or cold, in comparison to the others. Also, does anyone know what the cylinder compression test readings should be? I know the compression ratio but I can't seem to find what PSI/BAR measurement is to be expected when testing. Just wondering if bores or rings are worn out. Thanks in advance.
  6. I didn't have much choice, the O ring was a C shape, not an O !!!
  7. I decided to anneal it anyway, I have always done that for copper washers on oil lines etc and decided it would be a sensible option. I don't know why I thought 32.4Nm was going to be too high, I guess it was a worry about shearing it in the head because it would be a right pain in the a*se to try and get any thing out from there while the engine was in place. Once I cleaned the threads up on the bolt it went back in a lot easier than it was to get out! Its all back together and seems to be running OK but I will keep an eye on it once I have taken it for a proper run and everything is up to temperature properly.
  8. Hi, Happy New Year to you all. I have a Voyager 2.5 CRD (2003). It has just failed its ITV (Spanish MOT) for excessive white smoke. I decided to change fuel filter and also, while under the bonnet, noticed that one of the injectors seemed to be getting oily and, on closer inspection, when turning the car off, I could hear it 'gasping', so decided to replace the copper washer and rubber seal on the injector. I have got the injector out, cleaned the bore and re-faced the mating face on the head. I have a couple of questions: 1: When changing the copper washer, does the new one need to be annealed? 2: I read that the mounting bolt for the injector clamp should be tightened to 32.4Nm, does anyone else think that seems a bit high? Anyone ever stripped the thread or sheared the bolt? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  9. Hi again all, Thought I would start with some basics, so thought I may clean out the EGR valve, the removal process was explained so easily in the manual, ................. Whipped of the wipers, wiper panel and wiper motor assembly etc not a problem. Then I got to the EGR unit itself.......!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone, successfully changed or even removed the EGR valve with the engine in place???????? I can remove the two bolts holding the hose / pipe but I can only see one nut down to turbo, the other is covered by the exhaust heatshield, I'm not sure I can even touch it, let alone get a socket/spanner/hammer to it!!!! The hoses along the back have the most awkwardly placed clips (with the sharp side out) and everything is tucked up behind far too much pipework.
  10. Hi All, My 2003 Voyager just failed its ITV due to excessive exhaust smoke. Seems to be OK while running around but if I stop at traffic lights or idle anywhere for a minute or more, there is a massive plume of smoke when pulling away, it did rather fill the testing shed after they left it idling for about 5-10 minutes before they 'hoofed' it for the gas test. It also smells 'fuely'/ oily when this happens, smoke tends to be pale grey - blue and occasionally a big belch of black. (I know some diesels kick out black smoke on acceleration but this is embarrassing and blocks out the sun!) A few months ago I had the alternator changed and noticed it after that (I think that maybe just coincidence) but it seems to have got worse. Last week I changed the engine oil, oil filter, air filter and cleaned out MAF sensor and crank case breather on top of head. I'm guessing its either the EGR valve or hoses, a dodgy injector (or more than one) or valve seals. I'm really hoping its not rings or anything too 'internal'. Any guesses from you bunch will be greatly appreciated, always useful to talk it through with people!
  11. 'Spray a lot of lube on it and keep moving?' ............. Thats what I always tell the Missus.......LoL
  12. Hi all, still got the Voyager, now registered on Spanish plates!!! On top of the engine is, what appears to me, is a crankcase breather. Plastic housing with a filter in that appears real oily and dirty at the moment. Is the filter itself replaceable or is it the whole housing needs doing? any answers and any part numbers would be good, thanks! Here's a pic of one that someone is selling, I was rather hoping for a new one!
  13. Next job for the week is the clutch and rear crank seals.......I'll keep you all posted!!! maybe even some photos!
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