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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I was looking at the Miller VM 9075A tool, which seems to be the go to tool for pulling the diesel injectors. The price is laughable for a tool I may only use once and ordering it to Spain incurs a shedload of added VAT/IVA postage etc; and even more now, after Brexit. I do have an engineering background and some quite industrial tools around and also a friend with a workshop with some quite thick pieces of steel and aluminium loafing about. Can anyone with one of these tools give me the dimensions, (looking at it there seems to be two sets of legs for it) and My friend and I may give it a go and knock up our own version of it! we will post pictures of our handy work. Thanks in advance.
  2. It is with a very heavy heart that I have come to realise that I need to part company with my beloved Chrysler Grand Voyager. 2 years ago I started preparations to replace the rear crankshaft oil seal. Unfortunately I had to divert my attention to repairing my son's and then my daughter's cars and now, when I had hoped to get back to it, I have found out that I need to move house and won't have the time to do the work. I would much rather let the car go at a very reasonable price to someone who will return it to the road - rather than sending it to be scrapped. I have the parts for the oil seal as well as a new clutch plate (which was an obvious thing to replace at the same time.) I also have a refurbed power steering pump that I was going to fit as the old one is a little noisy. It's a 2.5CRD with a manual 5-speed gearbox on a 53 plate. On a long run it gets just shy of 40mpg (why did they stop making manual gearbox versions?!) If you are interested, or you know of someone who would be, please get in touch. Either PM me or email me richjgibb at googlemail dot com
  3. Hi Everyone! It's early on in this project to replace the rear crankshaft oil seal on my 2003 2.5CRD Grand Voyager, and I already need some advice.... The first part of this task is to remove the manual transaxle. Taking out the battery, battery tray, disconnecting the battery temperature sensor, removing the coolant bottle bracket - easy peasy! The next part was to pop off the connectors at the ends of the two gear cables - straightforward with a large flat head screwdriver. Removing the clips from the gear change cable sleeves was a little more tricky. It was a bit of a reach, but not too bad with the aid of a pair of mole grips, some WD40 and a long flathead screw driver. The next step says to 'Remove three (3) right engine mount bracket-to-transaxle bolts'..... I'm not entirely sure which bolts they mean. I've highlighted the ones I think they mean on the attached diagram and photo. Are these the right ones? If so, I can just about get an 18mm socket on the front 2, but couldn't really get a good enough purchase on them to loosen them before I gave up for the night. I couldn't even get a socket on the rear-most bolt... I've highlighted the front 2 bolts in the photo and put dots where the rear most bolt sits - through the hole in the bracket. Are they the right bolts, and do I really have to remove the bracket? Would the gearbox drop okay if I left the bracket on? As ever, all advice gratefully received. Argee
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some advice. I've just found a rather aggressive oil leak under my 2002 2.5CRD Grand Voyager . I've added a couple of photos to see what I found. Once I started it up, there was a regular drip about every 2 seconds from the location of a bolt head near the back left of the crank case. The bolt goes into the bell housing. After a few minutes oil started to seep out at the bell housing join too. I'm wondering if it is the crankshaft oil seal that's given up. (I seem to remember that's not an uncommon problem.) Do you think it might be something else? If it is the crankshaft oil seal, is it a fairly easy job? Has anyone done one? Is it best to do with the engine in situ, or is it best to take it out? I've recently picked up a 2nd hand engine hoist to use on another broken vehicle, but wonder if I might have to use it on my Chrysler. I suppose I'm looking for the quickest option as long as it's not too awkward to do. As ever, your advice will be very gratefully received.
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