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  1. hi i have for sale the following thermostat and housing brand new and boxed ( £45 ) had 53 reg v6 petrol brand new tailgate struts boxed ( £32 ) fan belt new ( £17 ) Haynes car manual years 2003 2006 used in good condition genuine leather wallet as selling as job lot grab a bargain £50 am located in Basildon you can text me on 07925798877
  2. hi all had confirmed head gasket gone so sold it on ebay coulndt afford to fix it thanks for this forum its helped me out in past
  3. hi forgot to mention its on near side of engine drips on to gearbox then onto floor
  4. hi all I have v6 on 53 reg I have oil leak from rear of engine block below rocker cover but above sump pan gasket does anyone know if there are any seals or core plugs in this area thanks
  5. hi does your car sometimes lose power under acceleration I have 53 reg v6 mine was a break in wire from sensor to ecu it was neg battery wire done bypass onto chassis cured problem
  6. ok thanks will have look at that route
  7. hi all got v6 petrol grand voyager i need to change my rocker cover gaskets its only the rear one leaking but i know its best to change both i gather i need to take off intake manifold to reach rear gasket i intend to replace these gaskets as well has anyone had these done if so could you give me rough guide as to cost know my gaskets are around £60 but more concerened on labour costs thanks
  8. hi gonna change my thermostat on my car this weekend can i get away with out draining coolant out of rad the gasket i got has rubber seal does this mean i dont need gasket sealant as well thanks
  9. it should be in the nearside panel where your jack is if its missing try e bay
  10. on my car v6 53 reg there is a round bobble on barrel my key only comes out when its in line
  11. if its like mine got 53 reg there are no bulbs its all electronic
  12. is yours petrol or diesel if v6 petrol u could do it yourself
  13. got v6 grand voyager code is for cat below threshold bank 1 this comes up on mine but i reset code and then goes away reset mine just before my mot in december and still past emissions to reset disconnect battery for couple minutes then see if it comes back reset mine about 4 times it doesnt hurt my emissions or fuel economy if it persisits get your cat checked
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