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  1. hi all as the title suggests i'm deafening the kids and don't know how to alter the volume to stop this issue basically, if the kids have been watching a dvd (through the car speakers) they have it quite loud as there are no middle speakers. If I switch off the car for whatever reason then start it up again the radio cycles to either Radio or CD before it realises it was on DVD. this takes approx 2-3 seconds which isn't an issue but the Radio/CD volume is MEGA loud compared to the DVD volume so it literally deafens the kids for 2-3 seconds and to be honest is becoming a right pain I've took to starting the car and hovering over the radio to switch it down as soon as it fires into life. I can't imagine for a vehicle this high spec this is the norm??? its a 53 plate, i've googled and looked in the manual and even tried the "audio" button on the radio but can't see any option to modify the volumes can it be done? thanks
  2. sorry guys, I should have come back in here and updated this. thanks for the suggestions above. It was a faulty stat, replacement bought from Ebay and fitted by my trusty mechanic car sits happily at just under half now and the heaters are toasty !!! thanks again and immy000 hope you get yours sorted cheers
  3. confused here and not sure if to look at thermostat or not when my heaters are on high the air coming from them is luke warm at best. the car never hits beyond the 1/4 mark on the temp gauge, If we go anymore than a few miles, say on a motorway run, the temp drop to almost zero on the gauge and the air coming from the blowers gets almost cold the car if bloody freezing and not a pleasant way to travel at the moment Ive dropped it to 29 on both sides and it seems to have made it slightly better, but not by much if I leave the car parked but idling for 5 mins the temp gauge creeps back upto a 1/4 but the blowers only stay luke warm can anyone save me from a tormented earlug as the wife is giving my stacks about the cold car!!! many thanks
  4. thanks chrispin the DVD player i've solved, although the radio volume is WAYYYYYY louder than the dvd volume if that makes sense? when you turn the car on if youve had the dvd on through the speakers say the night before then next morning the radio switches on, blasts at mega volume then eventually turns back onto dvd. ive tried the audio menu to set a "comfort" volume but cant see one? 23mpg!!! really. I know they are big and heavy but many of the for sale ones on Ebay were actually listing pics of 40+ on the trip lcd's, im sure the forums suggested that 35+ was easily achievable ? yeah we loved the running costs of lpg, think it was 54p when we had ours but it was still realitivey unknown back then so going on a run took very very careful planning to pass a station with lpg facilities !!! we tried three on the bounce going to Legoland one time and all three were either empty or faulty.
  5. hi all, just got a 2003 2.5 diesel Grand Voyager for a 2nd car/child minding run about as the title suggests there are a few niggly issues so far 1) The driver seat does not heat up, base or back of it. passenger one is near instantly hot, the driver switch light activates but no heat, will this be a plug or worse case of heater element type things?? 2) The dvd player works great, so do the headphones but is there a way to have the dvd playing through the headphones BUT allow the adults to listen to the radio as the same time. a quick playaround all ive managed to do is play the dvd with the headphones but the rest of the car is in complete silence, ive skipped through the modes but as soon as I do switch modes it cancels the dvd playing? I do have the remote but have not explored the functions on it yet 3) we had a GV roughly 10yrs ago, 3.3 with LPG but checking forums decided on the diesel one this time as many threads suggested figures of 35-40+ mpg. our first tank of combined local and a few runs has cost me nearly £70 and saw just under 350 miles, any ideas why the MPG is so poor... We have just had a service done and its a manual fyi 4) Running temp. the car doesnt get past 1/4 on the temp gauge even on a motorway run, I'm sure ive read it should be just under half way?? could this be a thermostat issue and do you think this is related to the poor mpg? the heater does get warm, not hot but warm although I dont think it'll be warm enough for the wife on a cold winter day . sorry to powder the forum with so many questions but its been such a long time since we owned one and ive had many many cars in between haha many thanks for any help and advice Glenn
  6. just popped in here to say hi Glenn
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