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  1. Many thanks guys and sorry for the slow response Makes things a lot easier and also means the girlfriends legs now reach the pedels which is good... on the downside she keeps borrowing the car on me now
  2. Well looks like I've gone and done it, now the proud owner of a 2008 4th Gen Grand Voyager Executive XS. Only flashing warning lights and bits falling off at random intervals can stop me now
  3. So I've made the jump and just bought a 2008 Grand Voyager Executive XS and I'm loving it so far. I am however stumped by one thing, the drivers side seat is electric so I have the options to tilt the seat itself and the back rest but for the life of me I can't figure out how to adjust the distance of the seat from the peddles. There doesn't appear to be a bar to push in underneath like the passenger side and I can't find any automatic control for it. This basically means that I can't move it forward far enough to use the stow n go seat directly behind, so am I being a bit dense here or is there a simple solution? Many thanks, In advance.
  4. Many thanks Ben that clears it up, it looks as if it's a gen 4 i'm looking at then but no complaints it's still a beast of a car
  5. I'm looking to buy a 2nd hand 2008 (57) reg Grand Voyager this week however i'm a little confused when it comes to the generations list. I've been advised that it's possible to get a generation 4 car with a 2008 registration and I just want to be sure of what i'm buying. Are there any tell tale signs when identifying the UK models?
  6. Hey folks, newbie here from Northern Ireland, I've had the pleasure of driving chryslers a couple of times when visting the states and I really loved the way they ran. Hopefully about to take posession of a 2008 57 Reg Grand Voyager and thought I may as well look into the community before I pass the point of no return Look forward to chatting to you in the forums, Gareth
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