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  1. I know it's been a while (a very long while) - but I got hold of the latest software version, so here you all go!
  2. Welcome - sorry about the issues over the last few days - server move and it went a tinsy bit wrong :S
  3. We always thought there were more established forums for that, but hey, might as well keep it all in one place http://www.chryslerforum.co.uk/forum/33-chrysler-pt-cruiser/
  4. My bad, the license on one of the components ran out (but didn't alert me!)
  5. Yes, I've been away from here a little while sorting out life things. But I am back to focus now. Of course, if anyone wants to help out - consider offering to become a mod
  6. ben


    Yes! My goodness, I'm sorry that took so long!
  7. ben


    The problem is I cant see to replicate it It would explain why hardly anyone posts in it though! I;ll try creating a new dummy account and see if I can throw the same error
  8. ben


    Hmm, I haven't been receiving any emails - I'll have to look into that. As for permissions, I need to try to replicate that - it's when you upload, or view, or both?
  9. Let me see if I can get some updated info
  10. ben


    Hi Wayne welcome to the site, glad you're enjoying your 300
  11. Hi David and welcome to the site
  12. The pricing has changed this year, it will be based on a per car basis rather than per person I'll be there, but running the FIAT Forum stand - to make sure to come and say hello if you make it there too
  13. One year ago, we started off - it took us a while to gain some traction, and whilst we aren't still the sprawling hub of activity we could be - we're getting there So thanks everyone for taking part - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRYSLERFORUM!
  14. Hi Mark - welcome to the site You might do better posting your question in the individual model sections, as this is just the intro place!
  15. ben

    New Member

    Hi Steff, welcome to the site - hope your Sebring does you well
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