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Found 4 results

  1. Morning all. Has anyone any experience with this tool (Dodge-Jeep-Chrysler FULL-SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER CODE READER ILINK400 ABS SRS SAS CKP TPMS ECU SIR BI-DIRECTIONAL OE-LEVEL SCAN TOOL) I read about it on the US Chrysler site and it appears to be a very useful tool, BUT I don't know if it works with the 2.8 CRD i.e. diagnostics relating to the diesel engine. ​One member of this site (LEW306RED) had some correspondence on the US site but don't know if he's still active here, and too new to know how to contact him. Have sent an email to the manufacturers - they're Chinese and its Gong Hei Fat Choy 恭喜发财 at the moment so don't know when / if they will reply . Have no known faults on the old girl at present but belt and braces.. ( the reader's only a tad over a ton so will be worth a punt if....
  2. Hello there, Have recently purchased a Grand LX 2.5CRD 2003 but it only has a single key and no fobs. This put me off but the car drives great (so far) so have run with it. I know that a good auto locksmith can cut a chipped spare key and also know that you can add fobs if you already have one. My question is this: Ebay are selling 2nd had ECU with keys and fobs. Even if there was only 1 fob at least i could learn new ones to the system but how easy is it to change over or does the system need to be matched or re-programmed? Mechanically I don't doubt that i could change it all over but are there some hidden problems I may be oblivious too? Regards Scott, Worcester
  3. Hi Everyone! Thanks in advance for your assistance. I have a 2003 2.5 CRD Grand Voyager (Why oh why did they stop making manual transmission versions??) I have had it for a while and have been living with the fact that neither the air conditioning or the seat heaters work. Regarding the air conditioning: I previously replaced the leaky heat exchanger and had the system recharged and investigated. I was told that the radiator fans should come on when the a/c is engaged but they didn't. I checked the a/c pressure transducer and all 3 of the radiator fan relays that the diesel version is blessed with but I could not find a fault and could only think that the ECU was not providing an appropriate ground signal to get the relays to function. I recently completed a pretty long drive and got stuck in traffic for a while and it was a hot day. The car started to 'pulse' at idle and I noticed that the temperature was creeping up above it's normally low value and that the exhaust had a whitish hue to it. I put the internal heater on full blast and the temp came down a little. I suppose, I shouldn't be surprised that the radiator fans did not come on when the engine was getting hot too. When I got home I did some more reading of the service manual and found out about the ignition key method to display fault codes. I got a P0403 code which means either an open or a short in the EGR solenoid circuit. With the help of the wiring diagrams, I tested the continuity from the Intelligent Power Module through to the connector that attaches to the ECU hoping to find a broken wire - but it was fine..... I also took the opportunity to recheck the Radiator fan circuit and noted that the Rad Fan electric motors had a pretty high resistance. Hoping that I had found my fault, I stripped down and overhauled the electric motors in the fans (ignoring the statements that there are no user serviceable items inside!) When I refitted the fans.......they still didn't come on..... Does it sound like I have an ECU problem? Are there any places around that can test them? I did call my local Chrysler dealership, which is a few miles away in Guildford - only to be told that they didn't have diagnostic kit for Chryslers of the age of mine!! (I wasn't too impressed by that!) I've seen a few ECUs for sale on ebay - one is the exact spec of mine. Do these need to be programmed with VIN numbers and matched to key fobs? I did stumble across an article that said that some older ECU software versions did not allow enough time for the EGR solenoid to cycle and would throw up a fault. Should I expect to see a radiator fan fault code when I do the ignition key wiggling? As if I haven't asked enough already, does anyone have a clue about the problem with the front seat heaters? Again, the circuitry seems to be fine - could that be another dodge ground signal too? All advice very gratefully received! Argee
  4. Hi, I need help! I have a 2005 Grand Voyager XS limited 3.3l auto box. This past week, the car suddenly wont start. It has been to 2 separate independent garages who have checked all of the fuses, fuel pump, relays etc and all appears to be fine. What they did say was that the voltage of the ECU was low (which would fit in with the error on the car dashboard which was that the ASD relay had a low voltage). But they have looked at the ASD and it appears to be fine. My question is has anyone had a similar experience, my local Chrysler/Jeep dealer (Yorkshire) cant fit me in for a diagnostic alone for 3 weeks which is a nightmare as I am really struggling without the car! Does this sound like the ECU, does anyone know of anyone who can look at it and fix and any indication of cost? Any recommendations will be most appreciated. Thanks
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