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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone! Thanks in advance for your assistance. I have a 2003 2.5 CRD Grand Voyager (Why oh why did they stop making manual transmission versions??) I have had it for a while and have been living with the fact that neither the air conditioning or the seat heaters work. Regarding the air conditioning: I previously replaced the leaky heat exchanger and had the system recharged and investigated. I was told that the radiator fans should come on when the a/c is engaged but they didn't. I checked the a/c pressure transducer and all 3 of the radiator fan relays that the diesel version is blessed with but I could not find a fault and could only think that the ECU was not providing an appropriate ground signal to get the relays to function. I recently completed a pretty long drive and got stuck in traffic for a while and it was a hot day. The car started to 'pulse' at idle and I noticed that the temperature was creeping up above it's normally low value and that the exhaust had a whitish hue to it. I put the internal heater on full blast and the temp came down a little. I suppose, I shouldn't be surprised that the radiator fans did not come on when the engine was getting hot too. When I got home I did some more reading of the service manual and found out about the ignition key method to display fault codes. I got a P0403 code which means either an open or a short in the EGR solenoid circuit. With the help of the wiring diagrams, I tested the continuity from the Intelligent Power Module through to the connector that attaches to the ECU hoping to find a broken wire - but it was fine..... I also took the opportunity to recheck the Radiator fan circuit and noted that the Rad Fan electric motors had a pretty high resistance. Hoping that I had found my fault, I stripped down and overhauled the electric motors in the fans (ignoring the statements that there are no user serviceable items inside!) When I refitted the fans.......they still didn't come on..... Does it sound like I have an ECU problem? Are there any places around that can test them? I did call my local Chrysler dealership, which is a few miles away in Guildford - only to be told that they didn't have diagnostic kit for Chryslers of the age of mine!! (I wasn't too impressed by that!) I've seen a few ECUs for sale on ebay - one is the exact spec of mine. Do these need to be programmed with VIN numbers and matched to key fobs? I did stumble across an article that said that some older ECU software versions did not allow enough time for the EGR solenoid to cycle and would throw up a fault. Should I expect to see a radiator fan fault code when I do the ignition key wiggling? As if I haven't asked enough already, does anyone have a clue about the problem with the front seat heaters? Again, the circuitry seems to be fine - could that be another dodge ground signal too? All advice very gratefully received! Argee
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