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  1. The car has over 100,000 miles but has been well maintained. The fault was intermittent with no obvious pattern. We've probs done a couple of hundred miles since it was replaced and the light is back on, (which was not unusual, as I could stay off for weeks or months at a time). We were told it would be expensive due to the location of the switch? And that the gearbox needed to come out? The garage also said they had to replace 2 switches as there was no way of knowing which one had gone? Engine fault code was P806 Thanks Ray
  2. Hello all, Would really appreciate some advice. We have a 09 Grand Voyager which developed a fault (engine light and fault code), after it went for MOT in July. We took it to the dealers who said it was gearbox fault and would cost in excess of £5,000. The advised we took it to a gearbox specialist which we did. They said it was not gearbox, but oil pressure sensor switch. We have replaced it at a cost of £500. Unfortunately the light has come on again! At a bit of a loss as to what to do next. Has anyone any experience with similar Thanks Ray
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