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  1. Thread revival!!!??? Did anything come of this? Did the Bravo spring fit?? Please answer
  2. Hi, I dunno about Birmingham i guess it depends in whether it's a Chrysler like a Neon, PT Cruiser, Voyager, a Mercedes based Chrysler or a later Fiat based Chrysler. I do know of Fitch Autos in Walsall, a mate of mine has used them a while ago and said they were good, but it was a couple of years ago now.
  3. schteveo

    Hi All

    Allo mate, Are they Labrador pups you have? I bet they can be a bit of a handful sometimes! I've got a Delta myself, i hired a grand voyager whilst on holiday in Spain a few years ago with the family and the wife's parents, i found it a great car. It's a bit quiet in here so far, i dare say it can only get busier in the future though.
  4. Hi Right, At the risk of upsetting you i'm gonna ask.... Have you done the job before? Did you have to wind the pistons back into the calipers or did they just push back? Either way did you push them all the way back? Did you put the new pads in after cleaning up the calipers, were the pads in exactly the right position? These questions may infuriate you, i really hope they don't. I only want to help. At the end of the day I don't need to sit here and type anything but i have seen you post questions without getting any answers...... All the best
  5. Hi, I don't have any experience of the 300 c but i've fixed brakes before several times. I would never clamp the flexi pipe with mole grips, they might pinch the rubber and cause the pipe to fracture or leak. You can buy a tool which is made specifically for the job, the tool has cushioned jaws where it grips the pipe, i have not seen any for a long while though, mind to be honest i haven't looked! The rest of your procedure looks about right though.
  6. Rosso, you can argue the Lancia angle all day every day, i fully expect you will too my friend, but no one ever actually stated the cars came from Detroit, European Chryslers is what i understand them to be, Chrysler are as are FIAT and every marque owned by FIAT multinational now. FIAT it could (probably by someone~) be argued are English, maybe? Look at the history of Lancia, i am sure you know all to well FIAT bought them out in, i think 1969, or 1971.... Since then every Lancia has been a FIAT including the Fulvia. (- oh, that ((Lancia)) V4 was a work of art...) But FIAT have pumped millions into Lancia, if not Billions. If it had worked in central Europe then maybe they would not have given up on it. Really sadly there are not enough fans of that once great marque in Europe. Rebaging as a Chrysler is an option and for business it makes great sense If it sells cars we should all be grateful. To me FCA are a shining beacon of how to make different cars, for people who don't look at cars minus the vat and plus the BIK tax. FCA are pumping millions into Chrysler in Europe now. From what i heard years ago FIAT never did want to buy Alfa Romeo, still,they did and if they don't keep it Audi will offer to buy the marque again.... if they did how whould you (we all) like to be driving in Golf based Delta? I really don't want to but a Euro volkskosedi. I don't care a monkeys about the cup holders but i think the design is poor. I don't drink tins of pop either and in the winter that armrest (which is too small) gets very warm inside, which makes it not very usefull for chocolate or beef rolls but then im not really bothered about that either. The foot rest is a bit of a bugger, but my size 9's also fit under the clutch pedal so it's ok You will probably find that it was significantly cheaper to use the column stalks in that fashion from the Beta.... Please Rosso, see the bigger, survival picture, it's a matter of now or never. If they fail then there will be less choice in the market place. Please Sergio, do as you see fit, just make sure it works!!! Forza Marchionne!
  7. I have to say i think this guy seems to me to be a nut job, he contradicts himself about buying a Chrysler, saying he would have one if it were a Lancia, then saying he would have a Giulietta......No bodder! I agree with the left hand drive cars having a better pedal arrangement, maybe it's the angle the pedal "arm|" protudes from the pedal box? He describes the thing about the car for him (for me too i guess) is it's Italian-ness, it has lots of endearing qualities, the interior lighting the reclining rear seats and the power plant is great, the rear lights are stunning, the front lights special, the front fogs are cool, the car has loads of style, inside and outside!!! unlike a Mercedes, any Mercedes! There are faults, the cup holders are of quite poor design and the front seat bases could be 50mm longer but i love it, it has lots of endearing qualities, the interior lighting the reclining rear seats and the power plant is great, theb rear lights are stunning, the front lights special, the front fogs are cool. It is also easy to live with
  8. My car doesn't have sat nav but does anyone know if i can get the HTC 601 to integrate in to the blue & me system so i can play music from my phone and use the controls on the srteering wheel. I know i can just plug it in and it will work using the phone, i need to use the steering wheel controls though. I cant be stopping every 3 or 4 miles to change the tunes....
  9. That about covers it Mikey! Well said mate.
  10. Hi again Rosso, And anyone else if they are reading this thread which I/we seem to have hijacked. Firstly I'm sorry if you think I'm aggravated, I am *anything* but aggravated. Honestly! I posted whilst at work so it may have been a little hurried (Nightshift!) I also bought my car because the price was right i'm not in the least bothered by the badge, in fact I like it and I don't spend time contemplating how hideous or otherwise the badge or any parts of the car are. To be honest I think there are plenty of other cars which show much more ill advised styling cues and badging etc then the Chrysler Delta. Take the new Bentley, it is more brash and hideous than anything I have seen outside of Max Power, I referred to the Bentley Grand Convertible as proof that you can polish a turd. I am also not (ever) going to rubbish the reputation of the first motor company to use the monocoque body and put full electrics in a car, they also to the best of my knowledge introduced Independent suspension front engines with rear axle mounted gearboxes and the 5 speed gearbox to main stream vehicles before anyone else. Vittorio Jano hero from Alfa Romeo worked for Lancia. This history means more to me than a certain very famous f1 team. This company, and Alfa Romeo have far richer history than anyone else in the world to me. It is why I still buy cars made by the parent company and quite probably will never buy from anyone else. *Not elitist too I guess.... Please don't think I`m annoyed, upset or anything else I promise you i'm not. The Dacia thing was just a joke, I promise!!! The Lancia grille does look better but I`m just not that bothered by the Chrysler Grille, it`s ok for me. I admire you for wanting to change the car to suit your needs my friend. Depreciation is a joke! My wife bought a 3 year old Mini one she decided to sell after owning the car for 3 years it when sold she could not get more then £2900 for the car! she lost over 50% of the money she paid. This is from a car which does not depreciate badly at all apparently, the best dealer offer was £2650. *The not elitist part come from the advertising that certain German manufacturers seem to use, claiming to be everything to all (business) men and women, I don`t like it. I don`t like the exclusion of everyone except those business users, like the below. The new Mer**des C class, from £350 per month--business users only -- They can stick it! I detest the inference that the car they are advertising is for business users *only* Obviously I know the package they are advertising is for business users because there is no word of plus 20% vat but I still get brassed off by the total elitist, they are better than everyone impression that I get from their hugely expensive advertising campaign. Now that I do get aggravated with. This does not mean that I am a working class door handle, I simply dislike the implication that everything Germanic is par excellence, I think the advertising campaigns for vag, Mercedes and B*W have been very accomplished. Making people feel that they are special and better than everything else. This was certainly not the case in the 70's and early 80's before the huge advertising campaigns. I wonder if they all use category managers?
  11. Lol, holy thread revival.....well almost! Sky believe in better. I clicked on the links and there are no dead ones, however i'm not sure how good or rather accurate the content is.
  12. Look my friend, start from the basics. Put the badge to one side. Is it basically a good car? I know it is. The price was good too? So it's a good deal then? No complaints. Forget the percieved embarassment, it's only in your mind. Most people will not know or car what you have they will be suprised at the drl's or the tail lights then think what was that car, the exclusive tag will still be there in two years from now. You could always trade it in for a new, up-spec Dacia ? No, i thought not mate!
  13. Yeah, that maybe correct but i played Sega Rally and i played Gran Tuurismo 6, i'm 55 years old. Anyhow for some reason in this country at least it stuck and Fiat have i'm sure (periodically) thought of bringing Lancia back but they have not felt that the could take the risk. The financing would be huge and sadly there is still no guarante the residuals would be any better which to be honest i think is correct. There was a Lancia dealer in up in my hone town in the 1980's i think, called Southbound garage. They definately sold the Lancia Y10. I distinctly remember a FILA ltd edition, after a year it was for sale at 50% the price of a new one. This link is a piece from an American website, http://www.city-data.com/forum/europe/2133598-do-europeans-envy-american-51.html post 06-15-2014, 09:31 AM states that it's not really fair or practical to compare American cars with German cars, this being an Italian car similar applies for me. That is possibly in essence part of the problem. American cars are fantastic value for money, if you are prepared to put up with slightly inferior plastics used on the interior. Take Skoda, as part of VW their prooducts lose money in an alarming fashion too. I'm sick of the dealer who sold me my car, they should not be allowed main dealer status!!!!! but i love the name, it's part of the family and long may it remain! If it were an Audi, Mercedes or a BMW i would be looking at an 08 or 09 car at best, it's not and it's better looking, as economical, spacious etc so it's a better buy for me. Oh, it's not a rep mobile like all of the muppets have at work! That makes it miles better for me!!!!!
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