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  1. thank you will try that now do you or any one know the pin out details of the ABS Sensor connector at the CAB
  2. @ crispin thanks for the reply "What was the price of pro obd"...i'm using a borrowed autel MaxiDiag elite cost around $250.00 / £200..."Did you try the key dance"...no but I would really appreciate knowing the key sequence please can you check this link please as all i get is page not found Oskin.RU/pub/chrysler- dodge/manuals Hi all ive managed to clear all airbag and abs codes albiet but one?.. the rt/f/os drivers side sensor shows no signal to cab (abs module no traction control on this voyager..TG)uk model which i am working on now (i have already replaced this once with a used part from fleabay but have put back the org as i was guessing....good calculated guess i thought) i will probably run an a/c voltage check first to the rt/f o/s wheel sensor with both front wheels off and car on axle stands..if that shows no or not within the voltage needed i will check further up to the CAB ...not looking forward to that as it means removeing battery and tray..so i am lead to believe will return in 24 hrs health permiting
  3. hi i have found these fault codes U3FF01 LEFT FRONT SENSOR FAILURE U3FFFFF RIGHT FRONT WHEEL SPEED SENSOR SIGNAL FAILURE U2DC501 CAB INTERNAL FAILURE any idea's what i can do to fix them myself ...thank you
  4. Thank you,update the cheapo OBD tool didnt find any faults so I have ordered a pro obd tool
  5. Hi Crispinchurch ..Thank you for your comments..no it stays on I've had the car for 3 weeks now I after getting a repair manual I have done what you suggest and checked the 2 front connectors for continuity both okay I know this isnt a real test...I have also checked the 2 front sensors and cleaned the rust from both reluctor rings (both where heavily rusted almost bridged across with expanded corrosion ) painstakenly cleaned them to a sqare profile all 47 + 47 of them ..ABS light is still on..I have had delivered today Saturday a cheap OBD11 fault finder ..will try it out later and come back with results..meanwhile I am trying to find a list of faullt codes for the chrysler voyager 2003/2004 2.5 crd se luxe anniversary edition & where can I buy / source those plastic pull off plastic pins..looks like someones been under here before splash guards fixed with chewing gum & baling wire (well almost)Thanks again
  6. hello all... just to say hi and hope to be an owner of ..so far an excellent machine One small problem {i hope} the ABS warning light has come on? so i will be working on it to sort it out....anybody who has experienced simular and would know the in's and outs would be appreciated..thank you ...emmit
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