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How Did You Find Us?


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Well, I came from the Fiat Forum, cause I own a Panda 4X4 as well as a Chrysler PT Cruiser. But I don't see a PT owners page here!



If you want a PT cruiser section we can do that for you. Out of interest is it petrol or diesel?

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Hi, Found you through Google, have a 2003 Voyager 3.3 V6 adapted for wheelchair. Had it for a year now, few things going wrong so thought I'd look for advice.


Welcome Alun - someone will be along to help your shortly :)

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Just bought a 05 plate GVoyager Limited 2.8 crd. It's got the stow and go feature which I really loved. Great for my dogs who are over the moon with the space. Still own a grand espace but dishearted by bill and mechanic in Leicester. Hoping to have more reliable life with this gorgeous beasty. Found you guys on google
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Hello Everyone,


Know the value of forums. Just got out of a very terrible experience with a Dacia Duster thanks to the forum. Six month old car riddled with rust from the inside out. Check there forum. 


Have swapped the Duster for a Delta SR.


Previous Multipla owners and familiar with the jtd engines.


First impressions, very quiet, lack of low down pick up in second, will need to change driving style.


NS wiper misses part of the screen.


Possibly blown speaker anyone had one of those? Are they covered by warranty.


Still trying to spot another on the road. 

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