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  1. Hi, only got mine a few weeks ago too. Can you put some pics up in the gallery, would love to see it.
  2. Saw a lovely cream coloured Ypsilon near the railway station at about 6.30 this evening. Very excited as it's the first time I've seen another one around here. Thought I was the only one round here with such good taste!
  3. Beautiful day in Essex - sun is shining and don't have work - what more could I want!
  4. Marshmellow


    Hi Chrisy, Do you drive a chrysler? Come in and join the fun! Marshmellow
  5. Not quite that silly, it's a 61 reg (Nov 11) so not new, and she's very sensible, she'll probably pootle around the countryside very safely whilst mum try's to be a 'boy racer' (not easy in a 1.2l but I can try!)
  6. Hi Ben, only had mine a few weeks, but loving it so far. It's cute to look at and good to drive, the gears are really easy - it should be great for my daughter when she starts driving in the summer. I love that people ask me what it is as I've not seen another one locally, which suits me fine as I love to be different! Hope @@zenwoman is having a positive experience with her Ypsilon too.
  7. I'm with you on this - definitely 'ip' but the bloke in the dealers where I bought mine said 'yip'. Sounded a bit daft to me!
  8. Thanks for the lovely welcomes, and Zenwoman, glad to meet another Ypsilon driver. Pop some pics in the gallery, I'd love to see it x
  9. Hi, was sent an email by 'Robbo' as I was previously a member of the Ypsilon forum. Hope this one is more successful!
  10. Hi, took charge of my Ypsilon 1.2 SE (61 reg) 10 days ago, and love it. Any more Ypsilon owners around cos there aren't many of us out on the road!
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