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  1. yes, same as Bravo, Giulietta and 500, IIRC Gates is the OE supplier to Fiat, so not sure why he would not like them......
  2. ForzaLancia

    paint code

    Hi, and welcome the paint code is on the underside of the bonnet near the leading edge, so you have to lift the bonnet right up to see it. HTH
  3. Powerflex do poly bushes too, limk below https://www.powerflex-shop.com/Powerflex-Polyurethane-PU-bushes-for-FIAT-BRAVO-II-198 HTH
  4. an SR is the one to go for, you get alcantara which it seem special. The top of the range is all leather which is not to special, could be off a VW! and it is not as pliable making the seats firmer. Most of the rest of the toys are the same. I can only speak of my car but it has been very reliable, whereas the Mercedes van I use at work is half the age, half the mileage and is a bag of crap. Also on my Alfas any faulty part usually has Bosch stamped on it, so a Delta is a step up from VW. HTH
  5. ForzaLancia


    it is adjustable, unless the adjusters have broken off. A couple of washers in the right place may also do the trick. HTH
  6. ForzaLancia


    floppy visors are a common problem, about £80 each for new ones, Italian ebay is a good place , but as the fault is common place, everyone is chasing the same few parts. Superglue is naughty as it wrecks the roof lining. You could get the Bravo ones and get them covered in alcantara and do the roof as well less than the genuine parts from Lancia!
  7. the centre pipe is hard to find as it is longer than the Bravo pipe, Europe is the only answer and is around £200
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194419441507?hash=item2d444d3f63:g:ZDMAAOSwiYZhXX~H
  9. Hi, what model do you have? The twin exit exhaust of the 2.0 JTD and 1.75 TB are a pain to get hold of, the single exit exhaust is the same as the Bravo and are about £100 on ebay. The exhaust hangers are also Bravo parts. One word of caution, the rear most hanger is attached by a bolt which often rusts and will snap if forced, then it has to be drilled out and bumper off etc etc. Try to lever the prongs out of the rubber block instead. HTH
  10. ForzaLancia


    you can turn it down in the settings menu. It is not called security alrm or similar but audible alarm which makes it sound like an internal bleepr, eg reversing sensors, buts it is the alarm. Experiment at Tescos car park though, saves upsetting the neighbours!
  11. I have a similar issue on my car, with the added bonus of no sound from the satnav. I found this website in Italy that fixes the Blue and Me unit https://www.chiptuningshop.it/revisione-blueme-fiat-alfa-lancia/157-50521292-revisione-centralina-blueme-bluetooth.html all the faults you and I have are listed so I assume it is the Blue and Me unit that is kaput. HTH
  12. Thanks, I must add the missing number plate button too, I wanted to get a picture in before the rain started...... Not my Delta, I've just had a look. Same colour but that has a Lancia grille and mine has a black roof. A good turnout of 'grales
  13. Removed Chrysler badge, polished up tailgate glass where said badge left a shadow, added a Lancia number plate surround. Already added the Centenario badge last year. Bit of a cheat as it was on the Ypsilon years ago, but not going to worry about that.....
  14. It will be the spindles that connect the actuator motors to the direction and heat flaps. They get brittle over time and snap, about £8 each but quire a lot of dismantling to get to. Same as a Fiat Bravo and there are some YouTube videos, much worse if LHD though. Replace as many as you can while it's in bits. HTH
  15. https://lancia.7zap.com/en/del/tn/181796101000-099/102/
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