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  1. Have enjoyed driving my Delta although was always worried that its limited ground clearance might cause me problems with the shocking state of the roads nad numerous vicious sleeping policemen in Edinburgh. My mechanic has just phoned to confirm that my exhaust has sheared clean through at the bracket where flexi pipe stops and none of his usual factors have any listing-he tried Fiat Bravo but apparently 2L system slightly different-perhaps because Bravo platform is slightly shorter? Anyone here with previous experience of replacing the exhaust/suppliers used? Will try JEEP dealer but wanted to see if ant aftermarket supplier first..... Cheers Colin
  2. SD card arrived from Italy via ebay and with excellent help and assistance from seller have working Satnav again. Cd will not work even with older CDs so still working on that aspect.....!
  3. Hi there Have acquired 2012 Limited to use alongside Lancashire Thema turbo.... Awaiting SD map card from Italy with latest maps as 2012 card says licence expired/will not play so hoping that will do the trick CD player says CDILLEGIBLE when insert CD and CD not an option when go into menu so hoping for some advice....! Bose sound system Cheers Colin
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