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Found 6 results

  1. I am looking for a workshop manual for my 2010 Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.8 CRD. (5th Gen) I need to replace the front aircon evaporator. I do not want to damage the dashboard , so I would like to strip according to the manual. Also the car vibrates at idle. All four engine and gearbox mountings were broken , so I replaced them with polyurethane mountings and the car is better , but still vibrates. I suspect the mountings may be too hard , but the car idles at around 700 rpm and if I pick the revs up to 950-ish rpm it stabilizes. The fuel pressure regulator is also apparently faulty. I have just bought one and I am wondering if that isn't why the idling seems low. Workshop manual will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  2. Hi, I was looking at the Miller VM 9075A tool, which seems to be the go to tool for pulling the diesel injectors. The price is laughable for a tool I may only use once and ordering it to Spain incurs a shedload of added VAT/IVA postage etc; and even more now, after Brexit. I do have an engineering background and some quite industrial tools around and also a friend with a workshop with some quite thick pieces of steel and aluminium loafing about. Can anyone with one of these tools give me the dimensions, (looking at it there seems to be two sets of legs for it) and My friend and I may give it a go and knock up our own version of it! we will post pictures of our handy work. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello there, Sadly my Grand Voyager V (RT) 2.8 CRD (120 kW / 163 hp) is having some issues with the battery. I'm upset because I replaced it at the local garage just two years ago, they installed a Optima "yellow top" YT S 5.5. I was hoping that it lasted longer as it was quite expensive. Because of lockdown I haven't used the car for a while. the battery was flat and I charged it and it was fine. Then I stopped using it for another period and now the battery is flat again (possibly also because of winter) but apparently the charger is not doing anything this time so I guess I have to replace the battery? So I was wondering if anyone could help me to find the right battery for my diesel grand voyager. What do you guys have? I would prefer not to use the garage again if possible but I'm a bit confused about "deep cycle" and "starter" battery as the one I have installed seems to be deep cycle but if I search for a replacement I can only see starter battery. Many thanks
  4. It is with a very heavy heart that I have come to realise that I need to part company with my beloved Chrysler Grand Voyager. 2 years ago I started preparations to replace the rear crankshaft oil seal. Unfortunately I had to divert my attention to repairing my son's and then my daughter's cars and now, when I had hoped to get back to it, I have found out that I need to move house and won't have the time to do the work. I would much rather let the car go at a very reasonable price to someone who will return it to the road - rather than sending it to be scrapped. I have the parts for the oil seal as well as a new clutch plate (which was an obvious thing to replace at the same time.) I also have a refurbed power steering pump that I was going to fit as the old one is a little noisy. It's a 2.5CRD with a manual 5-speed gearbox on a 53 plate. On a long run it gets just shy of 40mpg (why did they stop making manual gearbox versions?!) If you are interested, or you know of someone who would be, please get in touch. Either PM me or email me richjgibb at googlemail dot com
  5. Hello everyone Was browsing Gumtree yesterday and stumbled across a 2010 Grand Voyager. Seems to be fully loaded, in an excellent condition both in and out. The only problem being its 3.8 V6 is knackered and it needs a new engine (hence a pricetag of £2800). I was wondering if it would be possible to take the 3.8 V6 out and since an engine swap will have to be done anyway, put a 2.8 CRD in it? Here's what I have gathered so far: -Both 3.8 V6 and 2.8 CRD use Chrysler's 62TE 6-speed automatic gearbox from 2008 onwards, so the gearbox can stay. -Apart from the engine itself, the fuel system will have to be changed (pumps, lines, etc), also the engine will need a turbo, an intercooler, exhaust, ECU and some of the wiring, which is all sourceable where I live. Also, it will need obvious little things such as new dashboard, and mounts). -The engine on its own is around £1000, with all the accessories it shouldn't exceed £2000. The 2.8 2010 Voyagers start at £9000, so even if I exceed my estimations by £1000, it will still be a nice investment. The thing is, I have already sourced a 3.8 V6 for this exact year and model, although with all the cost involved, I wouldn't be too keen to keep it for 2 reasons- first, the road tax is at its maximum of £515/yr. Second, it is not the best daily as it guzzles petrol at 23mpg (LPG conversion is useless with the nearest station being 50 miles away). Also the 3.8 V6 has a bad resale value so it wouldn't be smart to invest in it. What do you think? Anyone else have experience here with engine swaps and what else might be needed? Thanks in advance
  6. (Apologies for cross-post from the .com forum, wanted several sets of eyes on it!) Well this one has finally hit me, first the basics. 2005 2.8CRD RHD at 130k miles. It started to get worse at starting, bit of a feather on the accelerator and it usually fires, after the first long cold start it was better. Had replaced glow plugs a while back and confirmed they're working. Battery in good nick too, have tested and topped it regularly. So eliminates the low turnover, glow plug, cold starting usual potentials. At cold start it gives a cloud of greyish smoke. Have also checked, no oil in water or vice versa, nothing suggesting any issues with head, block, etc (Been there in past GV so know what to look for!). Yesterday it really struggled to start (-1oC outside all day pretty much) as it was starting then immediately dying out. Bit more throttle and eventually it would start, then runs great, no issues. Until this morning, again cold (-4oC and was cold all night long, so car stood on driveway), really struggled to start and when it started it sounded 'lumpy' almost as though not firing on all cylinders. Cloud of greyish smoke at start too. Drove away and after a few minutes the firing seemed to sort itself out and it sounded happy again. Until about 5 minutes down the road, went to accelerate away from a roundabout (I'm not a heavy foot so I wasn't booting it) and it really spluttered, again like not on all cylinders (But don't think that was it) and then cut out. Rolled to side of road, tried to start and it turned over a few times until with feathering of throttle it started up. Without load (Sat in park) I can hit the rev limiter at 2.5k and it sounded fine, no stutters or burbles or anything. As soon as under load and you take it just above 2.5k it stutters struggles then cuts out, no matter what you do you can't 'regain' it after it does that. So, sat on the driveway, tickling it to start it'll run, sound fine, I can rev it under no load and it's fine. Leave it to idle for a few minutes and you start to hear it 'seek' so revs drop a little then recover, does that a few times then drops too much and it stalls out. So things I've done/checked: * About 1yr ago changed the in-tank fuel filter. Mine is the 2.8CRD with the lift pump in the tank at the rear, changed the screw on filter on it, easy enough and filter wasn't too bad. So my suspicion is it's not that. (This is the Grand Voyager without front filter+primer) * Low pressure lift pump runs at ignition turn on and primes the system, at least it sounds right * glow plugs are on/working and pulling current, so not those * P1130 showing many times on key dance - so it's fuel pressure related (makes sense) * Pressure relief valve on fuel rail - Tested by disconnecting return pipe, seeing what run-off I get, and it's nothing, zero. So not that. * Checked connector for fuel pressure sensor (on the common-rail towards the front), connector was ok, voltage ok So questions on what it could be: * Crank position sensor * Fuel heater? (Didn't know anything about this, will check it!) * Fuel pressure solenoid * High pressure fuel pump * Injectors (Though could all have failed/faulty?) - Going to do leak test again to verify. Anyone any suggestions, I think I'm going to have to get it to a CRD specialist to test the high pressure side out to find out whats going on here. But anything to help please guys would be appreciated.
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