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Found 3 results

  1. I'm hoping someone here can help me I have a Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.8 CDR 2006 that cuts out this normally happens when it's cold and under acceleration first the radio and instruments stops working the engine will continue to run for 1 or 2 seconds and then stop sometimes if I take my foot off the accelerator as soon as the radio and instrument stop the power comes back before the engine stops and the car will continue normally. (Other electrical items may stop but I only noticed the radio and instruments) Reading this forum I understand that the fuel filter is a known problem so I have checked it and there is no sign of a crack there is no sign of diesel there is no smell of diesel so I don't think this is the problem in this case. Also the fact that electrical items are stopping makes me think this is an electrical problem rather than a fuel starvation problem. This is now driving me absolutely mad it's not a nice feeling having a car that you can't trust to get you to where you want to be, which is a shame because In all other respects I really like this car. So if anybody out they can point me in the right direction even if it means telling me I'm being a complete idiot and I'm completely wrong I would still be really grateful.
  2. Having experienced the dreaded cutting out when driving, I called an ex chrysler dealer to ask for help "Oh yes we know what that problem is, it's the fuel filter housing heater section burnt out, bring it in and we will fix it" Sure enough the fuel filter housing was burnt out melted plastics etc. They have fitted a new unit along with new wiring and connector plug, the car starts much better, let's hope it doesn't cut out again. You could do this yourself the parts are available https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Chrysler-Voyager-2007-Diesel-Fuel-Filter-Assembly-Wiring-Kit-04721225AE/371812082214?hash=item5691ba2226:g:VlQAAOSwA3dYTmqj
  3. (Apologies for cross-post from the .com forum, wanted several sets of eyes on it!) Well this one has finally hit me, first the basics. 2005 2.8CRD RHD at 130k miles. It started to get worse at starting, bit of a feather on the accelerator and it usually fires, after the first long cold start it was better. Had replaced glow plugs a while back and confirmed they're working. Battery in good nick too, have tested and topped it regularly. So eliminates the low turnover, glow plug, cold starting usual potentials. At cold start it gives a cloud of greyish smoke. Have also checked, no oil in water or vice versa, nothing suggesting any issues with head, block, etc (Been there in past GV so know what to look for!). Yesterday it really struggled to start (-1oC outside all day pretty much) as it was starting then immediately dying out. Bit more throttle and eventually it would start, then runs great, no issues. Until this morning, again cold (-4oC and was cold all night long, so car stood on driveway), really struggled to start and when it started it sounded 'lumpy' almost as though not firing on all cylinders. Cloud of greyish smoke at start too. Drove away and after a few minutes the firing seemed to sort itself out and it sounded happy again. Until about 5 minutes down the road, went to accelerate away from a roundabout (I'm not a heavy foot so I wasn't booting it) and it really spluttered, again like not on all cylinders (But don't think that was it) and then cut out. Rolled to side of road, tried to start and it turned over a few times until with feathering of throttle it started up. Without load (Sat in park) I can hit the rev limiter at 2.5k and it sounded fine, no stutters or burbles or anything. As soon as under load and you take it just above 2.5k it stutters struggles then cuts out, no matter what you do you can't 'regain' it after it does that. So, sat on the driveway, tickling it to start it'll run, sound fine, I can rev it under no load and it's fine. Leave it to idle for a few minutes and you start to hear it 'seek' so revs drop a little then recover, does that a few times then drops too much and it stalls out. So things I've done/checked: * About 1yr ago changed the in-tank fuel filter. Mine is the 2.8CRD with the lift pump in the tank at the rear, changed the screw on filter on it, easy enough and filter wasn't too bad. So my suspicion is it's not that. (This is the Grand Voyager without front filter+primer) * Low pressure lift pump runs at ignition turn on and primes the system, at least it sounds right * glow plugs are on/working and pulling current, so not those * P1130 showing many times on key dance - so it's fuel pressure related (makes sense) * Pressure relief valve on fuel rail - Tested by disconnecting return pipe, seeing what run-off I get, and it's nothing, zero. So not that. * Checked connector for fuel pressure sensor (on the common-rail towards the front), connector was ok, voltage ok So questions on what it could be: * Crank position sensor * Fuel heater? (Didn't know anything about this, will check it!) * Fuel pressure solenoid * High pressure fuel pump * Injectors (Though could all have failed/faulty?) - Going to do leak test again to verify. Anyone any suggestions, I think I'm going to have to get it to a CRD specialist to test the high pressure side out to find out whats going on here. But anything to help please guys would be appreciated.
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