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  1. Hello there, Sadly my Grand Voyager V (RT) 2.8 CRD (120 kW / 163 hp) is having some issues with the battery. I'm upset because I replaced it at the local garage just two years ago, they installed a Optima "yellow top" YT S 5.5. I was hoping that it lasted longer as it was quite expensive. Because of lockdown I haven't used the car for a while. the battery was flat and I charged it and it was fine. Then I stopped using it for another period and now the battery is flat again (possibly also because of winter) but apparently the charger is not doing anything this time so I guess I have to replace the battery? So I was wondering if anyone could help me to find the right battery for my diesel grand voyager. What do you guys have? I would prefer not to use the garage again if possible but I'm a bit confused about "deep cycle" and "starter" battery as the one I have installed seems to be deep cycle but if I search for a replacement I can only see starter battery. Many thanks
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