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  1. Is there really no workshop manual available at all for a 5th Gen 2.8 CRD ?! No one seems to have an answer and these digital downloads are either scams or have little to no information in them. I had a workshop manager at Chrysler tell me that he would send me any manual that I needed , I only need ask and when I did ask , it took him three weeks and he sent an image of the wrong component with no info attached. Would really appreciate some assistance in this matter , as one of the first things I need to do , is replace the aircon front evaporator which means removing the dash. It would make life a lot easier if I had a manual on how to remove by knowing exactly where all the screws are.
  2. Thanks , I am busy doing that. I wanted to buy a few months ago and was warned by several people that these digital download manuals are scams, so I am a bit weary. I have been dumb enough to get caught once or twice before.
  3. Hi While I know that this reply is 3 years late , does that manual cover the rest of the car though ? I also have a 2.8 CRD , but need to remove the dash assembly and would like know if that kind of thing is included before I start shopping for one.
  4. I am looking for a workshop manual for my 2010 Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.8 CRD. (5th Gen) I need to replace the front aircon evaporator. I do not want to damage the dashboard , so I would like to strip according to the manual. Also the car vibrates at idle. All four engine and gearbox mountings were broken , so I replaced them with polyurethane mountings and the car is better , but still vibrates. I suspect the mountings may be too hard , but the car idles at around 700 rpm and if I pick the revs up to 950-ish rpm it stabilizes. The fuel pressure regulator is also apparently faulty. I have just bought one and I am wondering if that isn't why the idling seems low. Workshop manual will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  5. Hi one and all I have a 2010 Grand Voyager 2.8 CRD that we just bought and surprise surprise 500 kilometres after having bought it , the oil light comes on. Fully maintained by Chrysler since new according to the handbook . Now has 170 000 kms on the clock. There are a few issues that I must sort out , but firstly the oil pressure issue. The light comes on at every start-up and hangs around until the car has done around 5 kilometres. I put a mechanical gauge on today and the pressure is at 4 bar and climbs over 6 bar when picking up the revs. That pressure seems fine to me. Could it be a faulty sensor or is 4 bar too low ?.
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