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Lambda Sensor Signal Wire



hi have 3.3 grand voyager had fault code 0134 changed upstream o2 sensor reset codes came up again so had it diagnosed as break in signal wire from connecter to ecu 

have tried without sucess to get pin out position of signal wire to connecter to ecu 

have tested wires on my connecter 

mine is 4 pin am i right in thinking 2 are negative and 2 are positive 

tested all 4 pins only have 1 live 

the pin next to it shows nothing its colour is green and black have traced wire through loom to ecu 

can anyone confirm that this is the signal wire as dont want to bypass the wrong wire

my car is 53 reg 

the sensor is genuine mopar sensor


have not split loom casing just assuming all wires are different colours and no two wires are same colour

to avoid bypassing wrong wire 

thanks again

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hi update on my car i have 2 sensors on my car upstream and downstream 

the earth wires meet in the loom i had intermittent fault on the upstream earth resulting in error code p0134 p0171

had car fixed resulting in 5mpg round town improvement

if you have v6 just thought update you with result just in case someone out there has same problem

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