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Hi, please when I want to move off with gear 1 my car seems to be slow and jerking before moving off and while I'm driving it also slows down whenever I remove my foot from gas. On the dashboard it also shows start and stop not available.

Please what can I do to solve the problem.


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Few things there.  What engine & transmission do you have?  Jerky take up of drive could be worn engine or gearbox mounts causing those items to move excessively and transmit the movement through the car.  Or could be a worn clutch or flywheel.  Can you rock the engine back & forth by hand?  How many miles has it done, do you know if it's ever had a clutch?

Car should slow down when you take your foot off the throttle due to engine braking, be pretty dangerous if it didn't so not sure what to say about that.

Stop & start failure is very likely battery voltage related so you might have a weak battery, in which case you could try disconnecting it & giving it a proper charge overnight, or maybe the alternator isn't fully charging it so either way be worth checking the battery.  With the car off it should be 12-13V, with the engine running around 14V.  These cars are of course Lancias made by Fiat, nothing to do with Chrysler, so if you have a look on the Fiat forum there's quite a bit about S&S failure messages.

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