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Handbrake Cable Tensioning



(2003 2.5 CRD LX)

Hi All,

      I have read a few other bits on here about hand brake adjustment but..........


Fitted new brake pads and handbrake shoes to the backend of the CRD, no problem with pads, without replacing the hub the handbrake shoes were a bit of a beggar but managed to get them in, freed up the rusted actuators, molyslipped the important parts and all seemed ok until it came to setting the cable / lever, did the pulling of cable and setting with vice grips (method from manual) but still full travel and no use on a slight incline. Didn't seem to 'Auto-Adjust' as the manual suggested


took them apart again and I set the bottom adjuster in the brakes open a bit, not really much difference.


Tried pumping the brakes and thumping them but still not really any better, tried several times pulling the front cable and releasing (handle down) any magical solutions??



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So...........back out under, the slight clearance between shoes and drum seemed to have increased since fitting so turned the bottom adjusters 4-5 turns extra, and bingo!!!! I can now get it to skid on an incline (not that I would do this normally but a bloody good test!!!) thanks for the replies.


Must say that of all the vehicle forums I have used, this seems to be the friendliest and technically most useful. Well done all members!

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I've also got a bit of an issue with my 2007 GV


I had a 2001 CRD from new for 15yrs, and replaced the handbrake shoes at least twice, also freed the mechanism & adjusted loads of times, so well versed with the handbrake operation & it's common problems. In all the time I had my 2001, once I'd adjusted the shoes correctly the handbrake was tight, and came up 3-4 clicks and held.


On this 2007 GV, I recently changed the shoes, and freed & lubed the mechanism as it was siezed. I set up the adjusters properly, but the lever has a long travel, seems to come up really high before the handbrake holds, almost like the cable needs adjusting ??


having never had this problem on my 2001, I'm not exactly sure where if any is the adjustment on the cable ??


I've read the earlier posts, but if it's supposed to auto adjust mine doesn't


Only thing I can think of is to get back under it and double check the shoes are adjusted properly now that it's been 1000miles or so since I rebuilt it




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