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Abs Control Module Replacement

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#1 gareth76


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Posted 27 November 2020 - 08:26 AM

Hi all,


My first question on the forum, and it's not a short one!


I have a 2007 Grand Voyager which is on its last legs (108k miles), but I was hoping to get a few more months out of it. I just took it for its MOT - the ABS light was on, so I was expecting to need a sensor replaced (same thing happened last year and I assumed it would just be the sensor on the other side).


Garage replaced the sensor, but the light stayed on and threw up a different error code indicating it is the ABS control module aka ABS pump that needs replacing.


I tried to source a second-hand replacement from several places online - they all tell me the same thing, which is that they need to know the actual part number of the unit in my car. 


Problem is, the garage can only see one part number visible on the unit, which is 25020411943. But apparently this isn't the number the second-hand places need to match it up - they're looking for a number beginning '04' or 'P04'.


But the garage say they can't see any other numbers because they're hidden by the subframe; if they remove the unit to find the number, the car will be immobile as it'll have no brakes. 


I tried a jeep-chrysler imported parts website - guy there looked up the part number based on the car's VIN, but came back with a number beginning '05', which nowhere could match to that part...


I googled the 250... number the garage could see and came across a few places - mainly ebay listings in Eastern Europe - with that number attached to Chrysler ABS pumps. One Dutch site lists a part salvaged from a 2007 Voyager, with 3 part numbers against it:

25020411943 (which matches what the garage can see on mine)



At least one of the UK places can find a part with the 04 / P04 number - but they still say it would be safer to check the actual part number on the unit in my car.


So my options seem to be:


1) give up, stop throwing good money after bad and sell it for scrap


2) risk getting a unit that matches the part numbers above - but if it turns out to be wrong then my car is stuck at that garage and can't be moved.  Or even if still needs programming - people are telling me that if I get the correct unit, it won't need programming, but if it did, I'd be stuck again as the garages that would be willing to do it don't have the right equipment and the places that do - Chrysler dealers - wouldn't touch a second hand part


3) find some way of being certain about the part number - I really hoped that if someone could look it up based on the VIN, that would be reliable, but as I say, the number that came back began 05...


4) any other ideas I haven't thought of??!!


Has anyone had a similar problem that they've been able to resolve? Or just got any advice coming from a place of knowing more than I do (basically nothing beyond internet research and what mechanics tell me...)


Thanks in advance for any help (or even just taking the time to read my saga!)





#2 gordy


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Posted 28 November 2020 - 09:44 PM

I'm answering your words, "on it's last legs". 108k miles..Or did you get the spelling of "1" wrong and its actually "308 or "408". Sorry to say that mine went to the scrap yard in the quarry a few days ago, not because it was on its last legs after 180k + miles when bought it 8 years ago as it was a screwed back taxi I reconned. Then I did about 50k miles on it. Sorry to see her go but was needing too many repairs for MOT and I'm not up to lying under cars now.

#3 Argee


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Posted 23 January 2021 - 09:24 PM

I had an ABS light issue on mine.  After about an hour with a multimeter and some long leads, testing the continuity between the ABS unit connector (under the car under the passenger seat area) and the back of the relay/fuse box under the bonnet - I found a broken connection.  I spliced in a wire (with some soldering and amalgamating tape) to bypass the broken wire and it worked a treat!  So it might not be the unit anyway - just a broken wire.  

#4 maxcaddy


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Posted 25 January 2021 - 11:33 PM

Not sure if you've still got the car, it being 2 months later, but at 108K you should have a year or 2 left in it. However as you rightly say (and I'm at a similar place with mine) there is a point when spending more money on it has to stop.


That said, being the sceptic I am, my first thought is ....is the garage you used reliable ?, or did they say just that there was a bigger problem because they were unable to solve a simpler one ?. 


My suggestion is twofold, 1, if I were in any way suspicious of the accuracy/integrity of the garage I used, I would have it checked again by another garage to confirm. And/or 2, depending on cost, try a different ABS Module/pump based on seeing on the eBay picture as to whether or not it looked identical.


Point to note, In the past I've been very successful in buying parts for unusual car base on assessing the advertise picture(s), and only had a problem when the picture wasn't actually of the part being sold !!!


Good luck.

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#5 Victorthevoyager


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Posted 10 March 2021 - 02:56 PM

Did this topic ever reach a resolution? Only asking as my wife’s Voyager has a problem with the abs control module. I contacted Chrysler and they gave me the number 05093988AA for a replacement for the car. This doesn’t seem to correspond with any of the units available on everyones favourite auction site, could it be an updated part number for the original part? They used the vin number to search and only the control module is available, not the pump.

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