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Any Specialist In Warwick Area Or 100 Mile Radius With Pre 2010 Diag.


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Hi everyone. 


Can anyone tell me where the H*ll i can find dealer or independent garage that has genuine equipment to initialise ABS pump on 300c 2006 model. Anything that pops up on google in the 120 mile radius seems to be together with fiat and have diagnostics for vehicles above 2010, not before. tried looking up dealers mentioned in the original Chrysler booklet - none exist , one looked like massive digger went through it and is a construction site now.  It needs to be dealer level as I tried with Launch and Autel maxis 908 pro, both have option to do it, both cant complete it even though pump module is new. Seems like there is issue on some 300c that can be done only by dealer. 


Anyone know any place :(



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Hi, you could give MotorMech in Birmingham a call. I know he specializes in Alfas and Fiat Coupes, but he does have all the latest Fiat Dignostic gear.

 I have used him when i have been stuck and he a top man. Only snag is that he is in the ULEZ zone so will be an extra £8 on the bill.





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