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2.5Crd Grand Voyager - Manual



It is with a very heavy heart that I have come to realise that I need to part company with my beloved Chrysler Grand Voyager. 


2 years ago I started preparations to replace the rear crankshaft oil seal.  Unfortunately I had to divert my attention to repairing my son's and then my daughter's cars and now, when I had hoped to get back to it, I have found out that I need to move house and won't have the time to do the work.


I would much rather let the car go at a very reasonable price to someone who will return it to the road - rather than sending it to be scrapped.

I have the parts for the oil seal as well as a new clutch plate (which was an obvious thing to replace at the same time.)  I also have a refurbed power steering pump that I was going to fit as the old one is a little noisy.


It's a 2.5CRD with a manual 5-speed gearbox on a 53 plate.  On a long run it gets just shy of 40mpg  (why did they stop making manual gearbox versions?!)


If you are interested, or you know of someone who would be, please get in touch.  Either PM me or email me richjgibb at googlemail dot com



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Was a 2.5CRD 2003 with about all the toys. Had her 7 years with only service items. Reconned she had been a Birmingham posh taxi, while having 170k miles on her she probably had more. Clutch was a stirring the soup to find low gears over those 7 years. 

She was to sit aside again for MOT repairs so decided to scrap her. Got a bit welding to sill done 2018.

Brake pipes needing replaced. Clutch was a problem. Steering gear leaking. Engine was perfect, didn't need topping up, maybe due to the Redex it got on every fill, (Tesco £2). Always passed the smoke test too. 

She was a good old girl, would buy another if one came up not far away. Half the price of Volvo XC70's I was looking at.

I'm not soo good at mo so might not see another.

Selling her was a problem, had her down for spares and repairs in local facebook, £300 was far to much for most, so scrapy got it for £100 uplifted. 

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