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2001 Crd Fuel Rail Pressure Valve Part Number


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HELP!!  The fuel rail pressure valve at the end of the rail is leaking like a sieve.  Keeps cutting out - common problem.  on the 2001 CRD, the valve is always listed on ebay as the 110010015.  However, there is a different engine code on the 2.5 litre diesel 2001 up until september 2001 whereby the fuel rail valve is smaller and has a 15mm nut on the it as opposed to the 18mm nut on the 0015 part.  Where on earth do I get hold of one?  On ebay the 0015 is for sale everywhere for £30.  I have been restoring the car and all I need is this valve.  do any of you have any more information about the problem?  Do you know the part number to look online for the 15mm nut that mine is?  Please see  the attached image.  The RHS is the wrong 0015 valve (18mm nut).  on the LHS is the BOSCH 01-04 17 465 F643 015 (15mm nut). 


I really need good news!  Gary


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