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2003 Blowers - Car Is Freezing



confused here and not sure if to look at thermostat or not


when my heaters are on high the air coming from them is luke warm at best. the car never hits beyond the 1/4 mark on the temp gauge, If we go anymore than a few miles, say on a motorway run, the temp drop to almost zero on the gauge and the air coming from the blowers gets almost cold


the car if bloody freezing and not a pleasant way to travel at the moment


Ive dropped it to 29 on both sides and it seems to have made it slightly better, but not by much


if I leave the car parked but idling for 5 mins the temp gauge creeps back upto a 1/4 but the blowers only stay luke warm


can anyone save me from a tormented earlug as the wife is giving my stacks about the cold car!!!


many thanks

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You need 2 things :


- your stat is not working :


- the temp gauge should be at just under 1/2 summer & winter

- a stat will always break [by design] in an open position

- you can fit an 'in-line stat' easier than the 'pig' that is the proper stat


Quinton Hazell 210 Thermostat

Opening Heat --- 82 deg C
Size A = Across ring --- 48mm.
Size B = Below ring --- 32.5mm.
Size C = Bottom ring --- 28.5mm


- and :

- you need to blank the radiator grill in these UK temps

- a workable, quick, and less than 2 quid radiator blank from Screwfix is pipe lagging







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Im not saying you have the same problem but when my auto transmission was playing up my car would engage its engine cooling fan to what seemed like maximum after around 15 miles. My temperature gauge would then plummet from just under half and the hot air that was blowing through the vents would suddenly turn cold.


In a nutshell fault codes were present and the auto transmission was over heating.


As i said this most likely is not the fault your car has as youve stated that your temperature gauge doesnt reach just under half way at any point.


best of luck!

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sorry guys, I should have come back in here and updated this.


thanks for the suggestions above.


It was a faulty stat, replacement bought from Ebay and fitted by my trusty mechanic


car sits happily at just under half now and the heaters are toasty !!!


thanks again and immy000 hope you get yours sorted



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