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Fog Light Rewire





Just bought a used 2001 Chrysler Neon 2.0LX


She's a real beaut'!


However the Front Fog Lights do not work.


I have opened up the MFS and the switch inside is damaged beyond repair

so I would like to go the Rewire route.


I found a few rewire instructables on the net but they are for American cars

so I do not have any wires in my fuse #19 in the Dash fuse box.


I would like to do a similar Rewire adding in a relay but I need some assistance please.

( I wouls like the Fogs to come on with the Park Lights and STAY ON with LOW & High Beams)

I know I must use a relay switch and I know pretty much how to connect it (thanks to the schematics on the net) but where do I get the "Front Fog Light" wires from to connect to the relay?
They are missing in the Dash Fusebox but there is a fuse under the hood labeled
"FOG BUX" (not sure if that is the correct one?)

I gather then that I must connect the "input" from a splice on the Park Lights wire at the PDC, connect it to the relay along with the Factory Fog light wire (this would obviously supply power to the Fog Lights) as well as a 12v Fused live and then a ground. So the switch side would be from the Park Lights, and my Fogs should turn on with my parks?

If that is correct, would there be any way to get my Dash Fog Light Indicator to turn on as well?

Would this work system?

I would really appreciate some expert advice!


Many thanks!

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Hi, not an expert but if you want to know how I do it, and done it to few cars, here is the following:

Get a 12volt ACC supply to each side ( or a bridge from one side to the other this way you only get one supply to them and you only use one relay)

Use two relays, one for each side (I usually fit them inside the head light), use the low beam lights as a power to the relays(I would put them on the low beam but if you wish you can use the day lights), wiring them in parallel with the low beam light bulb should do the trick.


If you get power from the fuse box, fit a fuse at max 30 cm away from the fuse box, this way whatever circuit you use is protected in case of a fault on your added circuit.

You could get the 12v supply directly from the battery, I would go for a 10 amp fuse, same max 30cm from the battery.

Unfortunately to get the front fog light on on the dash you need to use most of the original circuit....


Hope it helps.

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Hi there, we have a Chrysler neon Lx, she is nearly 19 and looking for driverside fog light as the glass has broken. If anyone knows how to repair the glass would be great or knows where we can find a replacement fog light. She is dew her mot in a few months. We would love to keep her on the road,such a wonderful car.
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