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2.8crd alternator




I have bought a lancia Voyager 2012 2.8crd.

The battery light is on and i checked the alternator connections.

I can find a contact that is hanging loose a bit below the alternator, if this is the alternator wires, it only has 2 pins. The colours doesnt match the wiring diagram either…

The generator mounted has a contact with 3 pins. When i check for new/used alternators they all seem to have 3 pin?

have i found the right contact? It doesnt reach the alternator but maybe the harness is mounted wrong? 

can you tell me what contacts you have on your alternators for voyager 2.8crd 2012?


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I came to the conclusion that my car have the correct alternator but the correct wire is missing, I have looked where I can reach but cant find it. Is there anyone here who has a Voyager 2.8CRD and can check where the wiring to the alternator is connected so i know where to look? Pictures would be great.

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I will answer myself if someone should have similar problems:

The case is solved. Its not easy to find a wiring diagram for the 2.8 diesel but at last I found one.

The three pins on the alternator stands for Dummy-LIN-Dummy so only the "LIN" should be connected.

According to the wiring diagram there should be a wire between ECM pin #93 and the LIN connections with white/orange.

Found the cable by the ECM but the other end is impossible to find if i dont remove a lot of things.

Cut the wire and made a new cable to the alternator and works perfect!

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