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Genuine Chrysler parts problem?

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I'm not sure if this question has been asked? But, what happens if you need a Genuine Chrysler part and eBay, breakers etc don't have it? How do you obtain parts for Chrysler without a dealership? I need a new part and no one knows and the breakers don't have any or eBay.... Please help 


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Dealers are struggling with getting parts, Stellantis love making stuff NLA whether Alfa, Lancia, Maserati & so on.  Really annoying but these cars should NEVER have been sold with an American badge in the first place.

I've an intermittant fault with the BCM in my 2012 Ypsilon & I'm having to go down the cloning route as new are NLA!

If it's a part shared with Lancia (ie not RHD 'Chrysler' specific) then the ePer sytem on the Fiat forum will help you with part numbers that a dealer or decent independant should be able to find  https://eper.fiatforum.com/en/Groups/L/L/Y/TK

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