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  1. Hi Richard, please see below the image of crankshaft sensor (number 1). Procedure of removing is simple. Disconnect the battery, disconnect electric plug, unscrew the bolt and remove the sensor. Torque 10.8Nm.
  2. I would recommend to take torque converter off and send it for refurbishment. Cost around 250 Pounds plus shipping. I will have same job to do very soon. The gearboxes in e-bay with included torque converters with pretty high probability may not be in condition you expect.
  3. Yes, I know what you mean. Today was doing some diy work as also need to pass MOT. Was doing some welding works and Airbag sensor was giving troubles. Have noticed that transmission pipes are wet in oil. The ones that goes in from oil radiator. Touched one just to check how tight it is and its broken in my hand. What a disaster. I was also thinking about a small fire that moment.
  4. I have same year and same engine car and exactly the same problem. I have changed filter and oil, but it didn't help. It actually became slightly worse. The oil was black and magnets full of fine metal particles. When you change oil, you actually change just a half of it, as a lot of oil (about 4 litres) stays in torque converter and radiator. Anyway, for now I have bought Lucas oil transmission fix. Didn't put it in yet, but I will. I think previous owner used it already and it explains why slipping got worse after oil change. In any case, these are not good symptoms you/I have. Dark oil means wrong pressure and fluid overheat and this means you need to repair your torque converter and of course, if you remove your transmission from the car, it make sense to check the gearbox for worn friction discs etc. I have tried all sort of scanners and no errors. I wonder if Transmission ECU actually responds. I'm mentally preparing myself for transmission removal and reconditioning it in my garage as DIY project. To give it to professionals will simply cost more than a car (around 2 th.). Luckily, this is very simple and popular gearbox, which have been used on many cars and very long time (41TE, A604). If you will type it in google, you will find plenty of info. I'm not recommending to go with e-bay second hand transmissions as it is very low probability to get a good one. These transmissions need frequent fluid change and many owners doesn't know that and therefore the average lifetime of this transmission is 100K. I hope it helps. Sergejs.
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