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  1. Does anyone own a Icarsoft cr pro scan tool. I have a 2007 grand voyager, and there are 3 codes that show on the key dance, by my friends scan tool does not see them. So will this tool see them and erase them. Help please.
  2. Does how many times a car fault code flash mean anything. When I check my codes it starts with P1130. Now sometimes this will flash for say fives times. Sometimes it will flash 40 times before going on to the next code. I also wish I could clear the codes. Have disconected the earth lead from the battery, turned on the light, and left it disconnected over night. When reconnecting the battery, fault codes are still there.
  3. Well just went out and disconnected the power to the big solenoid and the engine management light has gone out. The code still shows when doing the key dance ,but at least it is now clear according to the dash board.
  4. Yes, but if you buy separate dvd players, you can have different films showing at the same time. Also they can hang over the head rests, and be removed when you park the car.
  5. I would suggest that you just go on ebay and buy in car dvd players. These can be had for about £80 for a pair. Saves a lot of time and agrro.
  6. Have you noticed, just how often the trouble with the car is a sensor. If we could take away all the sensors, we could clear up 90% of all faults on cars.
  7. Madmax


    Is this a Chrysler site or an Uber site?
  8. I have the engine fault light on, not flashing just a steady light. The key dance tells me I have P1103, P0403 and p1685 codes. My mechanic said that his code reader was only showing P0402. Now I have checked the voltage on the pins that go to the EGR solenoid and this is only showing about 6 to 7 volts. Is this the correct voltage, have looked at stuff on you tube and they say 12 volts. But being a Chrysler who knows what voltage it should be. Any help will be appreciated.
  9. I have just purchased a streetwise scanning tool for my Grand Voyager. I does not work. Who out there has a scanner, and what do you have. Don't want to pay a fortune for one though. It is for easily turning off codes. I know how to do he key dance to get codes. Nigel
  10. Thanks for that Gordy. Yes my man does a good job at a fair price.
  11. Yes took my man about 6 hours. Trouble is the engine management light has come on. It is showing p1130, which it was showing before he done the car. It is now also showing p0403 and p1685 as well. Not sure if these are new to the car. Anyway I will be seeing him next week, so will have a word about it then.
  12. I suggest you get on to the dealership from where you bought it.
  13. Well I just had my man fit a new timing belt. For those who do not know. I have just bought a Grand Voyager 2007 with 105000 miles on he clock. As there was no service history, I thought it better to play safe. So the guy who used to look after my cab fitted a new timing belt and water pump. Cost £500. I thought this was reasonable, having watched what he had to do to fit it. This car seems to have different underwing panels to those that I have seen on u tube. Anyway I know that I would not have been able to do it, as I don't have the locking pins for the cam etc. The belt looked in reasonable condition. My man thought it was possibly the original, but of course he could not be 100% sure. The water pump was still in good condition, but all was changed anyway. The tensioner for the belt had gone to the full limit of it's travel, so I guess the job was required soon anyway. All the best to all
  14. Thanks for that PJ. Yes it sucks a bit of the expensive diesel and warms up the heater. Worked it out from the previous messages, but thanks for confirming it. Nigel
  15. Just wondering, what sort of phone holder do you use?
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