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  1. Hi and WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Alan
  2. Hi Neil! A few questions to ask first.... Is your coolant level dropping? Ie are you having to top it up? Does the car get hot when sitting in traffic? Or only when going up inclines? Does the temperature gauge generally sit steady once warned up, or does it fluctuate up and down? When starting the car from cold, do you hear any sloshing/bubbling noises? Alan
  3. Hi and WELCOME TO THE FORUM! I've not had many problems with my Grand Voyager! Fingers crossed you have few problems too. Alan
  4. Hi mate, Should be around an hours labour and the cost of the part which will be around £50 - £100 depending on if OEM parts are used. Good luck, keep us updated Alan
  5. a1ant


    Hi Sam Have you tried ebay? FK lowering springs are normally quite good for the price. However better quality ones by the likes of Apex or Pi etc are preferable. You can probably pick up a set new for around £50-100. Plus of course you will need to decide how low you want and CAN go without rubbing or being impractical. Alan
  6. Hi, Im almost certain it will be the suspension top mount. If you pop the bonnet, and look in the top right hand corner where the plastic grill is (right at the bottom of the windscreen). Look through the grill and you will see the suspension turret top mount. They're pretty straight forward to replace. You can remove the plastic trim to get to the top strut mounting bolts. Then you need to remove the 2 mounting bolts that hold the strut to the hub carrier, disconnect the drop link and then remove the whole strut from the car. Safely compress the spring using spring compressors and remove the top mount. Obviously safety is critical here, as compressing suspension springs can be VERY dangerous, so if you haven't done it before, its best to take it to a garage. I replaced the top mount on mine a while ago and it was around £55 for the parts. Hope that helps, Alan
  7. Hi, As RoadHog says, try ebay. There is one on there right now. Click HERE Alan
  8. Hi Sam and WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Post some pictures up of your neon. Alan
  9. Hi mate, If you turn the steering wheel from lock to lock (full left to full right) do you get any noise coming from the same place? Is the noise high up on the dash or low down in the foot well? Alan
  10. a1ant


    Hi Brendon and WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Alan
  11. Hi and WELCOME TO THE FORUM! As Ben says, which one have you gone for? Alan
  12. a1ant

    Voyager 2000

  13. Hi and WELCOME TO THE FORUM! There are quite a few 3.3 Lpg GV's out there. Im not aware of any specific issues. Are you lloking to do the conversion yourself? Or take the car to an LPG conversion specialist? Alan
  14. Hi and WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Do you drive a chrysler? Alan
  15. Hi and WELCOME TO THE FORUM Alan
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