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Thinking of selling my Chrysler Delta


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Hi Guys

I've had my Delta since 2016 and I might be getting a car through work. Therefore my Delta will be surplus to requirements. I'll be sad to see it go as I really do like it. It's a 61 plate and it's done 65K miles. It's the 1.6L diesel with the tiptronic gearbox. It's got a reversing camera fitted along with an after market Pioneer Apple CarPlay head unit. The interior is the full leather interior and I've only ever had about 5 people in past since I've had it. I bought it with 18K on the clock, so I've put 47K on it. It's in generally great condition with a few little marks here and there. It's crazy efficient and I used to get over 65MPG when commuting too work in it. The grill has been replaced with a Momo design grill, so it's black rather than silver. The wheels were spray painted when I bought the car and they looked terrible, so I got them painted properly. It's been a few years since that was done and they could do with some attention. I have the locking wheel nut too. 

I've got two sets of keys and lots and lots of documentation about servicing, oil changes etc. It's been well looked after.  

However, the last month or so I've been getting an intermittent warning about 'Check transmission'. It's a red warning that come up on the dash but disappears a few seconds later. I took it to a local automatic transmission specialist who couldn't find a problem with it and they suggested that I took it to an auto electrician - which I did but who also can't find a problem. It flashes up on the dash and then disappears, it doesn't write a code to the ECU or anything, so it's proving quite hard to diagnose. 

All I can tell you is that in either auto or manual mode, it goes up and down the gears perfectly. There's no lurching or juddering. There's no clouds of black smoke coming out the back or noises or anything.   

Because of this fault, I can't really sell it on Auto Trader and if I did, the prices are between £3000 and £5500 - I'm looking at £1000 for it as I can't in good conscience ask for the full price. Perhaps buy it to strip it for spares?

I'm just putting feelers out at the moment. 

Is anyone interested or know anyone who might be?

I'm based just off J11 of the M6 in Staffordshire. 



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I meant to say - there's a small oil leak from the engine which was picked up on the last MOT but the garage said to monitor it. 

Also it has mopar wind deflectors for both passenger and drivers windows. 

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For what it's worth I'm a friend of Rich and I've seen how he cares for and babies his car. £1000 for this is a barg considering what he's done to it. Also I know he's selling it for aa legit reason to upgrade to a full EV, not because of any faults. He does love this car.

Obvs I've only popped up here to say that, so I'm not expecting your to take it on faith, but I'm not blowing smoke up your asses

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