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Dorothy takes a spin in a De Soto - at 89


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A couple of weeks ago the Vintage and Veteran Car Club circulated an e.mail request:


Good afternoon

I’m requesting your assistance please to find and contact anyone who owns a 1929 DeSoto, similar to the one in the attached original photo of the car that my mum, Dorothy Andreasen (nee Kemp), learned to drive in as a 14 year-old on the family farm at Junabee near Warwick, Qld.


From an internet search, it looks very similar to a 1929 DeSoto Model K Sedan or Tourer

Any assistance or information you can provide would be very much appreciated, as my sister and I would love to surprise Mum with an opportunity to ‘go for a spin’ sometime in one of these DeSotos. 

Mum lives in Maroochydore, and my sister and I also live on the Sunshine Coast.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon



Looking forward to hearing from you soon



I sent the lady a couple of suggestions, but they were really only potential contacts from afar. In the meantime, she located a De Soto in nearby Maroochydore. And today she advised me that on her mum's 89th birthday they all had a ride in the car, thanks to owner Gary Deane…



Hi Ray

Today is Mum’s 89th birthday, and Mum, my sister, and I enjoyed a great ride in Gary Deane’s beautifully maintained 1929 DeSoto 6.

As promised I’ve attached a few photos from the day.

Gary Deane is the current President of the Maroochy Vehicle Owners Club




Dorothy meets the De Soto. 89-year old Dorothy Andreasen once again becomes acquainted with a 1929 De Soto Tourer.



Family getting ready for their jaunt. Gary Deane – with the Akubra hat – shows the family the engine as John samples the driver’s seat.



Rear view.  With the fold-down luggage rack and spare tyre on the back, the car is equipped as many were in the day.



All smiles!  Dorothy hasn't driven for ten years, but she certainly appears to be enjoying sitting in the driver's seat once again.


Many thanks to Dorothy's daughter, Kerryn, for the photos and opportunity to share the pleasure Dorothy had.

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