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Hi All

Just picked up a 2006 Chrysler Grand Voyager must have angered someone as on the way back from the garage the windscreen cracked across the middle and the check engine light came on, I am hoping the check engine light has only turned on as the center display says 0 miles to next service, am fervently hoping that this is all it is! Will get a service booked ASAP.

My insurer only uses Autoglass for windscreen replacement, has anyone used them to replace their windscreen, can they provide any feedback about Autoglass? 

As expected with an older car have some mechanical and electrical issues to fix, neither rear door opens on the motors, I can hear them running but the doors don't move, cental locking does not lock/unlock rear doors and you cannot open the rear doors from inside... so I have a project for the new year

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Hiya and welcome! Sadly, no, the check engine light isn't related to the service interval setting. You may have already found out is adjustable by you, at varying distances!

For the technical problems, start a post in the vehicle assistance sections for more likely responses!

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