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Delta 2.0 Limited 2012 For Sale This Week (Beat The Px Price)


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The wife has decided to go for a bigger car and has done a deal on a VW Passat - she's been offered a £4400 px price on the Delta so we decided to see if we could better that!  So she'd take £4600 if somebody on this forum wanted it (please no lower offers as it wouldn't be worth the inconvenience & cost of arranging alternative transport in the meantime)  


Car is a 2012 Delta Limited - 2.0 TD Multijet, 6 speed manual, silver paint with black roof, black leather interior - standard Limited spec (i.e. lots including power seats with heating) - not showroom but in good nick 



Mileage - 59k

MOT - Jan 2018



Car has been remapped & DPF removed by Avon Tuning - no before & after dyno figures so I won't bandy about claimed HP increases but it has made a noticeable difference in driveability down low (seems both gruntier and smoother) and seems to pick up better through the mid range, can't say I noticed much in the upper range but the car rarely spends much time there  and can't say it's made a huge difference in economy (we reckon a slight improvement 1-2 mpg). 



Issues with the car;


couple of minor marks on bodywork 

some scuffs to alloys 

front passenger side alloy occasionally leaks some air, sometimes it's fine for weeks on end (some corrosion inside rim we're told - could do with a good clean up next time the tyre is off)


The car will be going in PX next Monday if we don;t sell it privately.




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