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Hi All,


My wife and I both own deltas 1.4, one Se amd SR.


We both love them, being a previous Alfa 156 owner, I have a draw towards Italian cars.


Just wondering if you can help with a few questions.


Does anyone know where I can find a Delta Maintenance Service Schedule?


Is there an alfa epr equivalent for the deltas to display schematics of part removal?


I have used Motormech with my Alfa just wonder if there is any guidance on getting the cambelt changed is it wise to do the waterpump at same time or any other hard to get to parts? As both are due next year



I am looking to get MultiEcuscan, are there any how to guides or tips on what to consider and hoe to setup?


On my SR, one annoyance is changing the radio station presets. Is there a way without having to hit preset button then turn thr dial to select the preset? The steering remote just searches through to the next frequency?


Thanks All,



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I use shop 4 parts good prices and mostly genuine parts. That limited is the twin of my car it is a mystery why it's being broken looking at the pics unless there's rear end damage on the side not pictured (??) I think almost any accident damage will write off a delta now as values are plummeting to zero. There's a 1.4 SE multi air on a 12 plate locally at a second hand car dealer for £4000 which is ridiculously cheap although I don't know the mileage etc. Edited by Rossocorsa
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