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  1. urgently looking for an instrument dash ,, mines a 2013 1.2 petrol and the pixels are all over the place , i need to swap it over any help guys
  2. ahh thanks for that info, is it an easy job to remove the instrument panel?? had a couple of goes . but got scared incase i bugger it up lol thanks for info,,, glad someone is alive on the forum lol
  3. hello did you find out how to remove the dash part mate ,, i have the same problem lol
  4. hy all ,just joined newbie so be gentle lol ,just bought a 2013 ypsilon with 21,000 miles drives very well, but the small instument pane which should show date, mileage gear change shift etc, comes on when it wants to, and the pixels are rubbish. QUESTION,if i change the clocks console, with one from same year , will the mileage be the same or different, hope this makes sense ?? or can it be repaired,? any help advice would help thanks all on forum
  5. just been cleaning the car and noticed no spare wheel anyone got one please ,any advice thanks
  6. hy all i have always been into vws splittys of all types, still have a beetle, but bought this ypsilon (weird name i know)but it really has suprised me, the looks, and for a small car its economical, looking forword to reading post etc thanks gedd from blackpool
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