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    End times, travel. Technology, computers, DIY and an proficient drummer an vocalist./.....

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  1. U gotta 2021 CGV Cos they stopped importing in 2014. They dont make them any more. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_Voyager#Fifth_generation_(2008%E2%80%932016) Du mean a 2012?
  2. I gotta a pdf of one. Its the Us equivalent, only minor diffs.. Just email me..... Parcel
  3. Parcel

    My Mk5

  4. He sounds good. I gotta key which needs programimg, as I only had one with the car. Gotta spare from Wish.com: £11 inc shipping: https://www.wish.com/.../59bfb01.../59bfb01a526058258f9acfc7 cut n paste. U need to find a local place to program it. Parcel
  5. Love all the xtra features compared to my Sedona. Cruise control, sat nav, hands free, hard drive for more music files, Heated seats, auto dim rear mirror Stadium seating, loads of extra storage space, 2 DVD screens.... Best of all "Stow n Go", its amazing, seconds to turn it into a van!
  6. Hi, havin had a Kia Sedona for nearly 8 years last March (until the gearbox went). So finally when lockdown ended last Aug, started lookin around for something similar. I found this. Everything I want in an large MPV, and more. I'm loving it, been on few long distance trips, already...
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