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  1. Hi im louis, ive bought a 2009 Chrysler cabriolet 2 weeks ago , 2.0crd passat engine 60k on clock . i love the car but having a problem i drove it back and it went i limp mode( i was gutted) ,history of car is its been sat alot over last 2 years as it was a second car for them, done around 300 miles in 2 18 months. it drives fine when i clear code - code is p0234( turbo overboost) this makes me think not the problem about pipe splitting) i clear code, carry on for few days as normal then will go back into limp mode , i have had mechanic look at it, thinks may be because to been sat turbo is sticking, hoping you would lend me your knowledge of them on this issue. is there way of greasing turbo to stp from sticking or is it the pipes? Also do we know whether glow plugs are, are they on top of engine or on side as not clear when i took engine cover off as its struggles start from cold. Thanks
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