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  1. Hello Delta123, I'm suffering from a similar problem. If i dont drive my car daily, the battery drains. Ive tried several different batteries and had the alternator checked. I have no idea whats causing mine, but its frustrating as when the battery drains to a point my arlarm goes off and i cant disarm until i charge the battery.
  2. James


    After replacing the front left with a reconditioned suspension strut from a fiat bravo, I went back to the same place and got a front right one. This was all before xmas, but I'm only getting the chance now to put it on. I've found it is not always the case they are the same. They look identical, but one is a different size fitting. I have a picture in the link showing this difference. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1062bVVFNRbGdaT78uXC-GI9-liHbSEbI/view?usp=drivesdk I hope the link is allowed Something to be cautious of when getting fiat bravo suspension.
  3. James


    Thank you for your reply. Because of time contraints, I couldn't wait for orders off the Internet. I managed to get a fiat bravo strut with damper and spring on it for £30 from traynors. Everything was the exact same as the chrysler delta. I heard back from a garage today, who was waiting on a main dealer to reply. They would only sell the springs in a pair. £500. I'm guessing that main dealer is chrysler Charles Hurst, here in N. Ireland. £500 that is a scandalous. I'm so thankful for the support and experience on this forum.
  4. James


    After buying a new rear tail light and some tyres, it appears I'm another victim of broken springs. Car failed MOT on a front left broken spring. I know there have been topics of this before, and after asking around garages here, I can see my options are similar. *Pay alot of money from a main dealer *buy aftermarket ones which lower the car *maybe buy a spare one off ebay *or try the bravo springs I have read that people on here have tried the bravo springs and they fit. Can I ask, how many of the people here have a 1.4 petrol and have tried the bravo 1.4 springs? Do we know for sure that they fit.?
  5. The old one was more or less ripped and forced off. All of the plastic housings for the screws are completely mashed into nothing. So yea, no Christmas presents
  6. An update to the rear light. A rear left light was ordered off amazon. £190, but I needed it quickly for the mot. It seems to have fixed the issue so far. I need to drive it more, as the broken one had moments it would work for a day or so. I do need help on something else though. Before the light was ordered, a family member said nonsense,.. I'll fix it. Long story short. I need a new steering column cover. Would anyone have any idea where to get these or even a part number?
  7. Just an update. I removed the cover around the steering column, the panel with the small shelf by your right knee and the instrument binnicle. No sign of a flasher unit. However, what's strange is the ticking sound of the indicator comes from inside the instrument binnicle. Testing the indicator without the instruments plugged in..... The indicators still work, but without the ticking sound (bar the rear left which is the broken one). I decided to test the tail light unit, so I swapped the left and right tail light around. The right light worked perfectly when it was plugged into the left side. The left light however didn't work when plugged into the right side. So it's definitely the rear left tail light unit, and not any loose wiring or relay. Time to order one
  8. Those relays in the boot I have removed, and the right indicator still works. But I'm looking for the flasher unit. The one that would click when the indicator is on.
  9. My rear left indicator has stopped working. Same strange issues, alarm set and unset it works fine. there are some days it would work, but most days its not, it will flash once and then stay off. I'm really hoping its not the Taillight itself as they cost money and my MOT is only a few weeks away. Does anyone know the location of the flasher relay unit and how easy is it to replace?
  10. James

    Floor Mat Studs

    That sounds like it yes. I have new ones that fit that hole perfectly and the new mats. Is there an easy way to remove them?
  11. Hello, I recently bought floor mats with the delta logo as none came with my car. Can anyone help me on how to remove the carpet studs? I have tried to see if they unscrew or pop out in any way, but they are pretty fixed.
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