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Coolant Thermostat - 2003 Voyager 3.3L (Petrol)

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#1 Roger


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Posted 22 February 2021 - 05:43 PM

Hi everybody,


I'm on the edge trying to find a new thermostat. I'm currently in France and therefore due to Brexit, importing from the UK is not an option right now due to time constraints etc.


After ordering from several different suppliers, each of which failed to deliver, I eventually ordered one from a renowned dealer: GD Bastard - seriously...quite well known in France...!!!


They supplied a Valeo thermostat that looks similar but is not 46mm in diameter (I later determined) but they assured me it was when they measured it with a micrometer in the shop. It's about 3mm smaller...not sure how they got this wrong. I should have demanded to measure it myself.


As I trusted them I fitted it in the housing and immediately noticed that it was smaller...see attached photos. I thought possibly that the gasket would create a good seal and therefore this was the new model of thermostat...After refilling with coolant it leaked from the join with the engine block immediately. I reversed the housing but it still leaked.


Question 1: Are thermostats for this model still available that replicate the original...as one would expect?

Question 2: If not, do I have to use an after market part and use considerable gasket sealant to make it water tight?

Question 3. Even though this thermostat does not fit tightly into the housing, can I still use it?

Question 4. After removing the housing completely from the hose I notice that the flange plat appears to be twisted, which might be the reason that it leaks with the new thermostat, however it didn't with the old one and I took it off several times trying to see if the old thermostat would operate. I cannot understand how the flange could have warped, as it is about 5mm thick. Furthermore, it could have not been done during installation as there is no damage to the metal pipe/tube element of the housing where it meets the flange plate... 


I would really appreciate any advice, as I need to get the vehicle back on the road.







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#2 bignev


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Posted 22 February 2021 - 07:38 PM

Hi there!


You've got to be on a wind up with that dealer name....... :D


Anyhow, I've not yet had to do a stat on any of the 3 - 3.3 models we've had, so don't have personal experience on this. 


As you say, a quick ebay search results in stats that give a 46mm diameter, not smaller.


But if you check on rockauto.com in the USA they are listed at 1.89", which is 48mm, just to add to the confusion. On here they do show a very specific looking metal gasket with a rubber inner.


I am quite concerned at the curve on that plate too, did you have to scrape any amount of sealant off when you removed it? Just a thought, in case it was previously damaged and had been made up with RTV stuff. In which case that could be what will have to happen again, unless you get a new one, rockauto again from around £8 with that gasket, plus lots of carriage to France of course!


Or - was there a rubber ring around the original thermostat, I've seen that on a few cars, that then does the sealing to both sides of the housings?


And it's better to post in the "Vehicle assistance" sections, not all members look in all of the areas!


Keep us informed! 



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