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Hi all, I am from Gloucester UK. I have a 2007 Black 300c CRD. 
Loving the car alot. 
When I searched for a car, due to old one failing MOT on emissions, I came across the Beast...lol and immediately liked it. so purchased it. Due to circumstances I did not get a chance to visually inspect it, but asked alot of questions. 
I had the guy deliver it, for a price. I had seen all outside and inside images and engine bay pictures and asked for live shots too. 
When the car arrived it was as nice as in the pics. 
But I did smell diesel in the car cabin, but still took a chance on it. 
The smell was from the EGR Flexi pipe gasket that had been recently replaced,,,, the wrong way round so it was putting fumes into bay and then getting inside car. That is sorted now, no issues there. 
The front brakes were worn to the metal,,,,, so I purchased parts and replaced discs, pads and left front caliper as it was seized, that is sorted now too. 
Wipers were split and they have been replaced too. 
Boot struts were u/s they have been replaced. 
Oil filter and 10 ltrs of merc oil purchased.
The only thing left to do is reset, sort out the TPMS for front left tire, which was showing when I got the car. I have tried putting correct tire pressure to all tires and driving for the stated time to do a relearn. I am going to now purchase a new tpms sensor, but until then want to delete this from car. 
I have am OBDlink EX, latest USB OBD from forscan, they said that it works, but have been unable to connect.
I have OBDWiz and this connects and reads the car, but no TPMS function for reset or turn off TPMS. Are there any other programs that would be able to do this, using the OBDlink EX unit. 


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Welcome to the forum, few people read the newbie bit so suggest you post the question in the 300 forum, someone will hopefully have an answer for you although the availability of good diagnostic equipment on Chrysler diesel engines runs in the hens teeth area. Good luck with your new car.

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