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Mysterious Lack Of Power - 2.2 Crd

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Posted 23 April 2019 - 12:33 PM

Hi All,


At the beginning I'd like to mention that I'm not from the UK, however, I own a european version of PT Cruiser, that sadly remains in service for 3 months now. An idea for selling it is real, yet I don't want to give up on my car that easily and want to give it one more shot. Maybe someone of you had similar problems with his/her car and will be able to give me any hint on what to do to fix it? Also, English is not my native language, therefore if not proper nomenclature will be used in that post, I'm sorry :)


What happened?

PT Cruiser was working fine. One day I started the engine and began my standard journey through the city. After about 100 meters something happened - a rubbing sound was audible, similar to something hooked on a tire or a brake disc. I wanted to pull over to check that, however, after the next 100 meters, the car lost power. While idle, the engine gave a really shaking feeling, like it was about to jump out. On an attempt to start out, the car remained in place (yet RPM rose as it should) and a huge cloud of black smoke was generated.



The car was taken to a mechanic. Firstly, fuel injectors were dismantled and sent for diagnostics. They appeared to be working fine, so they were placed back into the engine. After that, the engine started working smoothly, however, no power was generated properly to get the car moving. Also, no more errors were displayed by the diagnostic computer.


The second step was to replace an intercooler pipe with a new one (the old one had some leaks), as well as the EGR valve. It slightly improved the overall performance, yet not resolved the problem.


After that a step by step diagnostics were run, which indicated no problems with any of the checked part:

- booster was diagnosed using a dedicated computer,

- PCM computer was replaced,

- combustion air intake,

- fuel injectors adjustment - results: 1. +2.68, 2. +1.58, 3. -1.95, 4. -2.27,

- engine compression - results: 1. 242 RPM, 2. 242 RPM, 3. 245 RPM, 4. 244 RPM,

- turbine solenoid replaced.


All of those above was done by Chrysler's authorised service and they gave up on the car. I took a car and drove home with it (it speeds up reeeealy slooow) and after that I tried to scan for errors using a car key. Those were displayed (in that order):

- P1652

- P0500

- P1685 (that one appeared once in about 3 attempts)

I found some descriptions, yet I am not a specialist, so I have no idea if those are relevant in any way.



I wonder if any of you have ever encountered similar problems and could give any hint/advice? If so, I would be grateful, as I don't want to get rid of that car, I just really like it :)




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