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Pt Cruiser -Dead Or Not/

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#1 PTCruiser04


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Posted 10 July 2018 - 07:58 PM

Not so funny thing happened. Popped to shops, parked up, got shopping came back to car, fob worked to allow access, put blade key in ignition, turns 2 /3rds of way but not all the way to start the engine. (very annoying). lights on dash work, electric windows open, sunroof opens etc, but no engine start, chiming noise and flashing security light.


On way to the shops and whilst driving did note that there was an unfamiliar clicking noise to the left hand side backseating area of the car very similiar to the car doors locking themselves, which in fact did happen. i just rectified this when i stopped driving by pressing the open button on the key fob and got out of the car (didnt think anything of it - it never happening before). There was not anything that was pressing against the key fob whilst i was driving to have caused the clicking and the doors to lock by themselves.


Is this likely to be an immobiliser problem? I did go back to the car with the spare, which opened the doors but dead as a doornail for starting the engine!! 

Also tried new battery in the key fob - didnt make any difference. Thought maybe flat battery to the engine.


Did get home. Very kind man who knew a bit about cars, took pity to help me out. He did something with a screwdriver under the bonnet at the front (towards the bottom) and started the engine. He said that because the car is auto, i was unlikely to stall so could get home, but once home the same problem would recur. The kind man wasnt sure what the problem could be, but thought maybe the ignition barrell needed changing or possibly an immobiliser problem.


Opinions welcomed. Worried sick about how much this is going to cost to resolve.


May have to sell for parts (a heart breaker)

#2 PTCruiser04


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Posted 22 August 2018 - 02:10 AM

Update on this one.


Problem turned out to be the actuator pin which was broken.  

Obtained a second opinion following initial quote for £438 and advice that new ignition barrel needed (and a specialist part!!). second opinion from mechanic found myself established ignition switch which cost £28 + postage (vast difference). however turned out actuator - part cost £45.

Experience with RAC - wouldnt fix - said it was a battery problem and to buy their battery for £127. stuck between a rock and hard place, trusted RAC. new battery, car still dead.  Think RAC chaps on commission. Gave me contact details for chap who wanted to charge £438!!. battery went a second time within a day and before vehicle fixed.  Car battery guarantee 5 years , so why not call RAC back out to sort.  did not replace but charged this one.  didn't charge my original, i was told uncharitable!!(?), second RAC chap attended and tried to insist he take me to a garage he recommended - fat chance!!


i seem to recall in the old days for some problems RAC would attempt to fix on the roadside.  Appears not nowadays, appears to be sales only, as number 1 RAC chap told me off for not purchasing my coolant from the RAC when it as running out, and rubbished Halfords for not knowing what they are doing and selling rubbish items to customers - pot/kettle methinks. No 1 RAC when on to regale all the goodies the RAC carry on their vans for sale!!


Annoyed with self as may have been scammed by RAC to buy new battery that i did not need for outrageous price!!




Car starting,  However car doors have started to lock again whilst driving.  Very annoying, as this happened last time just before car died!  think its the rear passenger side door which has a child lock. noise seems to be coming from there (rattling/clicking sound) then locks clicks lockin


Any advice from anyone on how to disable automatic locking without me having to return to a mechanic.  i will lock door(s) manually with key until have cash to to pay for garage to fit RKE or module (whatever), as unlikely to be able to fit/fix myself.


Also did try granite powder.  didn't work to start the car, but worked lovely on back door to my house.

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