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Crankshaft sensor replacement.



Taking the opportunity to get a few things done whilst I took a few days off work (yes I am officially retired but...) I bought a replacement fuel filter assembly (old one split diaphragm - running on BMW in line filter), fuel pressure sensor (hence the need to replace fuel filter assembly for easy bleed), fuel regulator solenoid and crankshaft sensor (has always been difficult to start when warm), camshaft sensor already replaced)

Fuel filter assembly - pipe broke during replacement... currently having new one fabricated.

Fuel pressure sensor - replaced no problem.

Crankshaft sensor - ho hum... 

I can find no reference to the 2.8 CRD details in any of the manuals; (I have the following downloaded] - 2005-RG-Diesel-SM,RG-Body,RG-Chassis,RG-Diesel-Powertrain,RG-SM,RG-Transmission).

Searched on google only found reference to uTube - spent around an hour searching by browsing many different videos, the UTub search is useless - how can Chrysler Voyager 2.8 CRD Crankshaft sensor find Seebring camshafts, et al...... anyway found what appears to be a Russian (Eastern European anyway) one that lead me completely astray in assuming just fourish bolts and away you go. 

Yes you have to drop the crossmember (those above bolts), which then reveals the ABS unit and steering gear which are both apparently in the way (I'm relaying my friendly mechanic's telephone report, which was interspersed with sobs and whimpers, plus comments on cut fingers and bruised thumb nails - oh even the easy bits, those bolts again, was not that easy as the two main bolts were both seized and required the subtle application of very large hammers and an oxy-acetylene torch).

So, after a short (30 minute) telephone conversation, the crankshaft sensor replacement has been abandoned, apparently the ABS pump would need disconnecting which means bleeding the brakes etc. and a half day job has swallowed most of his week.

Oh and the new Bosch fuel regulator when fitted and alternator, belts etc. refitted, leaked diesel through the electrical plug  so the old one had to be refitted.  Joy oh Joy.

So no CV until next week, a weekend of wondering how much lighter my bank account will be and thinking I should have left well alone (Eaststart is only a couple of pounds a can after all!).

Now to the point of this ramble, does anyone have details and hopefully images of the procedures normally used to replace the C/shaft sensor on aMK4 2007 (2006 type) 2.8CRD ??????

I think I'll buy a new bicycle instead.



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In lieu of any response on here, it could be worth trying one of the 'Jeep' sites as one of their models uses the same engine, and being a jeep, it's possible that someone has changed theirs and knows how to do it.  Okay the engine's turned 90 deg but surely the Crank sensor is in the same place?

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Thank's for the response, it wasn't so much where the sensor is on the engine but what Chrysler have bolted around it on the Stow & Go as opposed to the (i NOW ASSUME) standard voyager shown in the uTube video. Well it seems like they stuck everything they could find  to obstruct access. I will try and get some pictures taken when it goes back in for the rest of the work to be completed......

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